Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge #4

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Hey guys, I am happy to announce that I have completed by 30 Day challenge by Gillette Venus! And I am definitely converted to a shaving consumer. It has been a hassle free month, I have been wearing whatever I want to and have had no issues with ingrown hair, in-between waxing session problems and what not. This razor is a boon for us Indians and I am so thankful to Gillette for finally bringing a proper shaving razor for women in India! I never liked using the use and throw cheap lady shavers, they always left my skin dry and irritated. This razor does no skin damage and in fact keeps it hydrated and soft. It's easy to carry around, good value for money and saves a ton of time. Heck, this one razor will last me at least an year! All I need to do is change the blades once the blue strip dries out. Stay tuned for a full review post!

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