5 things we loved at the Matsya Private Preview!

Seldom do we come across an event which spells class and elegance and is still fun, so much so that we spent over 2 hrs chatting away and downing glasses of red wine along with fine cheese and hors d'oeuvres. The idea of holding a private preview to display the new collection by a designer in the presidential suite of a five star hotel is brilliant. Not only it is a perfect laid back location where people can be at ease and sift through the collection without being distracted by loud music or too many waiters roaming around. The creative minds behind Matsya came up with this impeccable event to showcase their new AW15 collection 'Princess of the Night' and completely won us over! Read on to know 5 things we absolutely loved at the event apart from the location choice:

1. An Incredible Wine and Cheese Assortment


A welcoming sight of a table topped with finest cheese, a wide variety of amuse-bouches and fine wines greeted us and all of a sudden, our 1 hour tiresome journey to The Leela, Gurgaon started to become a distant memory. We spent the later half of our visit standing by the table, devouring the eatables, not even sorry! 

2. Display

IMG_3195 IMG_3194 IMG_3177

Yes, the later half was spent by the table but the first half was undoubtedly had us stunned and dazed by the beautiful display of even more beautiful craftsmanship. We loved how every corner and space was used diligently in the presidential suite. The garments were laid out on the bed, settee, lobby and even in the walk-in closet! 

3. Details

IMG_3182 IMG_3179 IMG_3181 IMG_3214

You could tell that the collection was not only being well promoted but it was actually well made! The tassel details were unique, there was laser cutwork stitched on the fabric, the embroidery was all done by hand and it was flawless!

4. Silver jewellery


Matsya is on it's way to become a one-stop shop for brides to-be as well as the bridesmaids with a silver jewellery collection in-store! The pieces are stunning and the designs are unique. Encrusted with pearls and moonstones, these pieces have an understated beauty and charm about them that you just can't resist. Lucky us to get one pair for ourselves in the goodie bag!!

5. The enthusiasm


The infectious enthusiasm among the hosts and the guests could almost outshine the collection, only the garments had way more mirror-work ;)
Everyone was enchanted with the beauty of the collection and it was more than evident on their faces.


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