Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge #4

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Hey guys, I am happy to announce that I have completed by 30 Day challenge by Gillette Venus! And I am definitely converted to a shaving consumer. It has been a hassle free month, I have been wearing whatever I want to and have had no issues with ingrown hair, in-between waxing session problems and what not. This razor is a boon for us Indians and I am so thankful to Gillette for finally bringing a proper shaving razor for women in India! I never liked using the use and throw cheap lady shavers, they always left my skin dry and irritated. This razor does no skin damage and in fact keeps it hydrated and soft. It's easy to carry around, good value for money and saves a ton of time. Heck, this one razor will last me at least an year! All I need to do is change the blades once the blue strip dries out. Stay tuned for a full review post!

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SFE Men: Transitional neutrals

IMG_2588 IMG_2589 copy IMG_2598 IMG_2592 IMG_2608 IMG_2711
{Trousers/T-shirt/Jacket - H&M, Shoes - Vans}

The weather has all of us in knots when it comes to fashion. During the day it is unbearably hot but as the sun goes down, there is an apparent nip in the air. This is the time when you can whip out your transitional pieces which will keep you comfortable and cozy no matter the temperature.

Now, when we talk about fall transitional wardrobe pieces, before even talking about the gilets and roll necks, the color palette can't be overlooked. Especially for men, I feel they should maintain a certain distance from bright hues like red, orange, yellow, etc. The best colors to frequent would be greys, rust, beige, black, blue, basically all the darker and muted tones. Your outfit doesn't need to be gloomy and dark, you can play these up by mixing prints and textures as well. We styled this outfit keeping the same theme in mind and while a pair of black boots would have made for a perfect Fall outfit, we refrained for using them to keep the look light and apt for daytime. The denim jacket is just warm enough for the slightly chilly evenings and could easily be taken off to reveal a perfectly casual daytime outfit.

Despite summer sadly coming to an end, the start of the transitional period need not be seen as a negative. After all, the casual and simple summer style eventually begins to get stale and the seasonal shift allows us to introduce creative layering, richer colors and beautifully textured garments into our everyday looks.

Location Courtesy: The Perfect Location
Model: Rohman Shawl
Photography: Aman Bhatia
Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish

United Colors of Benetton X Style Fashion Etc

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{T-shirt/Skirt/Bag - United Colors of Benetton, Shoes - Aldo, Necklace - Forever 21, Sunglasses - Style Fiesta, Watch - Michael Kors}

Being a member of PopXo Blog Network has it's perks! This time around, I got the opportunity to review United Colors of Benetton's A/W'15 collection. I have always viewed United Colors of Benetton as one of the best brand's for basic wardrobe needs but after going through the whole collection they have to offer, I must admit, they are so much more than just basics. Along with a vast color range, they also have various silhouettes to offer. You are bound to find something for your sartorial needs. I found myself picking up a dozen of styles to try and spent almost an hour mixing and matching prints and trying out something out of the box. I finally settled on this voluminous skirt and loose t-shirt. It is often said that you should balance out a voluminous skirt with fitted top or pair a loose oversized t-shirt with skinny pants/denims. But who's to stop me if I decide to break and bend the rules a bit? 

I styled this super comfy and relaxed outfit keeping in mind the vibe of the brand. It's fun, it's preppy and it's cute and I had a ball shooting this outfit! I was jumping around the whole time and there are like a ton of candid pictures where I am a blur and all you can see is the beautiful fun myriad of colors that is UCB as a brand. For girls with a hint of tomboy attitude would absolutely love this outfit and so would the girls who love dressing up in girly outfits. This look would be perfect for a day out with the girls or a fun lunch date with your guy. It's amazing how wearing bright preppy colors can help bring out the fun side of you and make you instantly happy!


5 things we loved at the Matsya Private Preview!

Seldom do we come across an event which spells class and elegance and is still fun, so much so that we spent over 2 hrs chatting away and downing glasses of red wine along with fine cheese and hors d'oeuvres. The idea of holding a private preview to display the new collection by a designer in the presidential suite of a five star hotel is brilliant. Not only it is a perfect laid back location where people can be at ease and sift through the collection without being distracted by loud music or too many waiters roaming around. The creative minds behind Matsya came up with this impeccable event to showcase their new AW15 collection 'Princess of the Night' and completely won us over! Read on to know 5 things we absolutely loved at the event apart from the location choice:

1. An Incredible Wine and Cheese Assortment


A welcoming sight of a table topped with finest cheese, a wide variety of amuse-bouches and fine wines greeted us and all of a sudden, our 1 hour tiresome journey to The Leela, Gurgaon started to become a distant memory. We spent the later half of our visit standing by the table, devouring the eatables, not even sorry! 

2. Display

IMG_3195 IMG_3194 IMG_3177

Yes, the later half was spent by the table but the first half was undoubtedly had us stunned and dazed by the beautiful display of even more beautiful craftsmanship. We loved how every corner and space was used diligently in the presidential suite. The garments were laid out on the bed, settee, lobby and even in the walk-in closet! 

3. Details

IMG_3182 IMG_3179 IMG_3181 IMG_3214

You could tell that the collection was not only being well promoted but it was actually well made! The tassel details were unique, there was laser cutwork stitched on the fabric, the embroidery was all done by hand and it was flawless!

4. Silver jewellery


Matsya is on it's way to become a one-stop shop for brides to-be as well as the bridesmaids with a silver jewellery collection in-store! The pieces are stunning and the designs are unique. Encrusted with pearls and moonstones, these pieces have an understated beauty and charm about them that you just can't resist. Lucky us to get one pair for ourselves in the goodie bag!!

5. The enthusiasm


The infectious enthusiasm among the hosts and the guests could almost outshine the collection, only the garments had way more mirror-work ;)
Everyone was enchanted with the beauty of the collection and it was more than evident on their faces.


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Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge #3

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Another quick update on my Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge as I have completed it halfway. I have had no problems till now, the hair takes 3 days to grow back on an average and I need only shave it twice a week. The skin texture is good too, no dry or patchy skin. So, that puts a full stop to the myth that shaving can change or alter skin color. The hair grows back thick but that's natural only as we are cutting it midway rather than pulling it from it's roots. The hair is bound to grow thick that way as it is not a new hair, only the hair that was cut mid-length. I will be doing the next update after 15 days. 

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Tanishq X Farah Khan on my Diwali Wishlist!

Shristi_Tanishq_00002 Shristi_Tanishq_00006 Shristi_Tanishq_00020 Shristi_Tanishq_00032 Shristi_Tanishq_00055 Shristi_Tanishq_00008 Shristi_Tanishq_00041 Shristi_Tanishq_00052 Shristi_Tanishq_00070 Shristi_Tanishq_00069 Shristi_Tanishq_00072 Shristi_Tanishq_00112 Shristi_Tanishq_00126 Shristi_Tanishq_00104 Shristi_Tanishq_00104a Shristi_Tanishq_00082 Shristi_Tanishq_00105 Shristi_Tanishq_00139

Tanishq is a name synonymous with diamond and gold jewellery and I never think twice if I get a chance of visiting and reviewing the collection. This time around, I had the opportunity being a member of PopXo to have a closer look at the Tanishq X Farah Khan collection and it couldn't have happened at a more appropriate time. The season of festivals and weddings are upon us and it is about time that we save and invest in something sparkly. 

The collaboration is an exclusive range of fine jewelry crafted by ace designer Farah Khan Ali for India’s leading jeweler, Tanishq. Taking inspiration from all things Mughal and Persian – art, architecture, flora and fauna – the collection boasts of designs created with lots of passion and creativity. Sparkling sapphires, resplendent rubies, elegant emeralds and dazzling diamonds take the center stage in the Tanishq X Farah Khan Collection, and due credit is given to the inspiration by bringing these gemstones together in delicate designs. Using alluring forms and beautiful combination of colours, the designer brings to life artistic Persian ceilings and domes, intrinsic Mughal murals and motifs and graceful, elegant birds like peacocks and swans, thus marking a royal celebration of this magnificent era. A reflection of the designer artist’s soul, the range takes jewelry design to another level with its one-of-a-kind pieces. Ear jackets, between-the-finger rings, drop-down danglers and bangle bracelets, all inspired by the delicate artwork of the glorious period and using sparkling gemstones set in 18 carat yellow gold, truly set the Tanishq X Farah Khan Collection apart.

An exquisite play between colour and texture, the adornments from the collection can be paired with ethnic and western ensembles alike. The Tanishq Farah Khan Collection has something for “every woman, every occasion, and every mood.” This is only verified once entering the store in my workwear, I could still find pieces to compliment my outfit! Even before I could dwell upon pieces that could adorn my Diwali Wishlist, I was lost in a surreal colourful and sparkly world. Needless to say, the cocktail ring inspired by peacocks, with the big iolite set amidst tiny diamonds is on the top of my wishlist closely followed by the gorgeous danglers and the between-the-finger ring I wore in my second look. 

Jewellery is a weakness of any woman it is said, I like to think of it as a means of strength. Diamond jewellery represents a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants and there's nothing sexier than a confident woman. 

Find the Tanishq X Farah Khan collection HERE and find the store nearest to you HERE

Workwear Outfit: {Jumpsuit/Blazer - Forever 21, Bag - Michael Kors, Shoes - Intoto}
Indianwear outfit: {Kurti with wide pants - Zoraya, Shoes - Tresmode}

Makeup: Sakshi Malik
Styling/Content: Srish

Elephant in the Room

IMG_2348 IMG_2401 IMG_2415 IMG_2411 IMG_2384
{Outfit - Ridhi Bansal, Earrings - Vintage store in Milan, Sunglasses - Style Fiesta, Shoes - Intoto}

With wedding invitations piling up and festivals like Diwali and Dussehra right around the corner, I figured why not style some indianwear attires and give you guys outfit ideas on how to dress for such occasions. I am a big fan of dressing up in Indianwear and giving the look a modern twist. This itch in particular led me to style this beautiful anarkali jacket with dhoti pants and a bandeau crop top. Originally, this anarkali jacket by Ridhi Bansal closes up till waist and it comes with a matching churidar and a bright pink dupatta. What I love most about this style is the cute elephant motifs! I mean, how cute are the pink and silver baby elephants!! The quirkiness of the motif with the traditional silhouette stands out in this outfit. Stay tuned for more looks by Ridhi Bansal as this label is my new find and I am in love with the pretty designs.

Location Courtesy: The Perfect Location
Photography: Aman Bhatia
Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish

Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge #2



It's been a week since I started using Gillette Venus Razor and I thought I will do a quick update on my experience taking this challenge. Honestly, I have only used it twice in a week as the hair takes time to grow back, a couple of days at least. So far, my experience has been good, in fact better than when I used to use this razor few months back. I guess, it's the shaving gel that's helping me achieve better results because that is the only thing that's a new addition in my shaving routine. My skin doesn't feel dry or flaky at all, I even skipped body lotion on one day as I was in a hurry and I noticed that my skin was still soft and supple which is usually never the case. The protective cushioning of aloevera and vitamins on the razor must be given credits for that! 

One tip I will give you is to gently scrub your skin while in shower everyday to prevent any ingrown hair. Shaving doesn't usually causes ingrown hair as it cuts the hair right at the skin level so when the hair grows back, it doesn't grow inside the skin. But if you don't remove dead skin on a regular basis, it can cause the hair to grown back under the dead skin layer. If you keep this in mind, your skin will always be smooth and bump free.

I am looking forward to trying this product for a longer while now as it is hassle free and quick and it is giving me enough liberty to enjoy the last few days of summer!

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