SFE Men: Chasing the monochrome rainbow

IMG_2442 IMG_2472 IMG_2451 copy copy IMG_2474 IMG_2433 copy IMG_2447 IMG_2496
{Rollneck Pullover/Scarf - H&M, Denims - Zara, Shoes - Vans}

Meet the newest member of SFE family, ROHMAN SHAWL! An accomplished model and a dear friend, can carry almost anything with panache and happily (and might I add, very sweetly) agreed to be the face for men's fashion on Style Fashion Etc. We plan to do a lot more in men's fashion category so stay tuned (and get the stylish men in your life to also tune in!) for a lot more fun posts!

We are almost on the verge of entering Autumn and there's nothing I love more than Fall Fashion. The light layers, added textures and hot coffees take over and life just becomes better. Along with these cozy comforts comes new trends to embrace and experiment with. We start with basics today and will explore more as we move deeper into the season. 

Rollnecks never really left winter wardrobes and as seen at Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela and J.W.Anderson, they are definitely making a comeback this season. Wear it as it is or layer it under a shirt, this classic piece will hardly ever fail you. With grey being the unmistakably first choice during the colder months and by far the most popular color on the shows, we chose the deepest hue almost bordering on black. Paired with white denims, the dark grey creates a contrast that is subtle and easy on the eyes. Another popular trend that was spotted on the runways this season was squares, used in big, bold blocks of color and patches and we introduced this trend in the form of a scarf. A long scarf is going to your favored companion during the later months of the year. Thrown and looped casually around the neck, this piece of fabric can bring together the most casual of outfits and make you look 10 times better instantly. If you haven't already, stock up on scarves before the Autumn hits and you will be cozy and stylish all season long! 

In case you are wondering, where did we bump into the yellow vintage car, let me tell you about this perfect location where we shot this look...Well it's called 'The Perfect Location'! With over 30 backdrops and a makeup and changing room, this place is a dream come true for photographers and shoot managers. Do check it out if you are looking for a location for any fashion shoots or getting your pre-wedding photoshoot done.

Location Courtesy: The Perfect Location
Model: Rohman Shawl
Photography: Aman Bhatia
Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish

Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Review

All of us girls can relate to the hair removal woes that we have to face every so often. I usually get full body waxing done every 30 days but still there are days when I am in between my waxing sessions and I need to do some shoot or need to attend an event or may be just feeling like wearing a cute dress and it is so frustrating! So, I have decided to check out all the other options available in the market as a substitute to salon waxing. The first product I decided to try is Veet Ready-to-use Full Body Waxing Kit. It sounds easy to use and waxing has always been my preference over using hair removal creams and razors (Nevertheless, I will be exploring these options as well, soon enough!). 

The packet comes with 10 double sided strips, so that makes it total 20 strips. Few wipes are also provided in the kit to be used once the waxing is done and you need to clean up the skin of any residual wax, etc. The step by step process of how to use the strips is also mentioned at the back of the box. 

Okay, coming down to my own experience. I used these recently after 12 days of my usual salon waxing session. I have a very quick hair growth, so after one week of waxing only, new hair starts to surface on the skin. At that point, I had hair growth in between 2mm to 5mm length. The strips worked perfectly in pulling out all these hair and I was beyond happy to elongate my waxing session and in fact, I might just stop salon waxing all together! 

Few pointers though:
1. Avoid using moisturiser right before you start waxing.
2. Use powder to absorb any moisture on the skin, the strips works better if the skin has no moisture.
3. Rub the strips between your palms for at least 3-5minutes to warm them up nicely.
4. You can repeatedly use one strip until it looses it's stickiness completely.
5. Pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
6. The whole process can take 45 minutes to 1 hour so don't do it in a rush.

Give it a try and tell me your experience with this product!



Sports Luxe

IMG_2004 copy copy IMG_2000 copy copy IMG_1997 copy copy IMG_2017 copy copy IMG_2047 copy IMG_2037 copy copy
{Jogger Pants/Necklace - Forever 21, Crop Top - Stalk Buy Love, Bag - Da Milano, Sunglasses - Aldo, Ring - Chic Accessorizer, Shoes - Intoto}

Always being a plump girl till a few months back, I ran away from this trend as I felt it made me look even more fat. I am all for being proud of your body and flaunting it no matter the size, I also feel you should dress according to your body type and what suits YOUR body. Crop tops, for example, never looked good on me before. Now that I have lost few kilos, it looks very flattering and I am so glad I got to wear crop tops this summer. I remember, I wanted to wear these so bad last year but no matter how I wore it, it just didn't look flattering! 

Today, we are going to be talking about the Sports Luxe trend. Much has been said about it already and few of my fellow bloggers have done exceptionally well flaunting this trend. This is just my take on the same. So, what is sports luxe? Well, to begin with, this trend is mostly about wearing pieces from your gym/workout/sports wardrobe in a glamorous way. Basically, incorporating these pieces into your daily lifestyle or maybe even for parties if you are daring enough, turning them into the ultimate versatile pieces or secret weapons in your closet for those days of crisis! You just need to be innovative enough. And add enough bling. 

It could be luxe joggers like I am wearing here, or an embellished bomber, or a printed sweatshirt. You can work around one of such pieces and create a look that is casual, comfy and cozy. Remember, always add a glamorous piece to the whole look and if you dare enough, some bling too. These sportswear inspired outfits are hardly meant for the gym so don't shy away from accessorizing. Now, go look into your closet, dig out your sportswear and then get to mixing and matching!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh

Rain on my Parade

IMG_1546 IMG_1578 IMG_1565 IMG_1593 copy IMG_1592 copy
{Palazzo Pants/Long Shirt/Cuff/Ring - H&M, Crop Top/Necklaces/Shoes - Forever 21, Sunglasses - Paperlilie, Crossbody Bag - Michael Kors, Scarf - Love Moschino}

The season has all of us in knots when it comes to fashion. What to wear, how to style your hair, what all to avoid, what makeup will stay put, etc etc are quintessentially everything that you can think of if you have to step out in this weather. I am no exception when it comes to monsoon and to put it in simpler words, probably like every other fashion girl, I hate it. It's not just a challenge to dress up, you basically have to give up on heels and anything below knees just doesn't makes sense. 

I styled this outfit which I loved and as soon as it was time to step out...you guessed it right, it started raining. I ended up switching to ankle length denims and washable canvas shoes instead of palazzos and heels but not before I snagged few memories of this outfit. The shirt coverup is one of the trends that has been doing rounds in the fashion world lately. I personally love this trend and it's perfect for slightly chilly evenings that we have been getting after the rain wears off. 

This outfit minus the palazzo pants and heels turned out to be perfect for a rainy day out. The low bun kept my hair from getting all over the place, the sling bag kept my hands free for holding on to my dear life, urm I mean, umbrella and the shirt kept me warm enough in the breezy weather. I think it's time to invest in few more longline shirts!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

Since I cut my hair short, I have noticed a whole lot of people cutting their hair short. The short hair trend has taken the world by storm it seems. The Bollywood also joined in with Sonakshi Sinha, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Nargis Fakhri and all these other celebs chopping off their hair. They all couldn’t have burned their hair in an unfortunate accident like I did! Then why was this trend becoming so popular? Why all of a sudden, the whole world wants short hair?

I will tell you why. It’s easier to maintain, and unlike long hair’s volume problems, it’s easier to make a shorter do look more full of hair and luscious. But could this really be the solution to hair fall and hair damage? Not necessarily! You can maintain your hair’s health while they are long and then make a conscious choice if you WANT shorter do instead of NEED a shorter do. 

The season change plays an important role in hair’s health. During Autumn especially, hair fall increases like crazy. The season is approaching and I felt it was a perfect time to find and discuss solutions for this major hair problem!

Well, to start with in simpler words, your hair will fall only if it is not healthy. The season change can do no harm to a healthy mane. Damaged, chemically processed, dry and lifeless hair are anyways doomed to fall out one day or another. So, let’s focus on getting the health of our hair back on track and no one will have to worry about hair fall ever again!

Different forms of hair damage
Hair fall, dandruff and split ends qualify as the most common hair dilemmas that everyone suffers from. Not only are they a clear indication of your damaged hair, but the lack of timely repair can worsen their damaging consequences. Read on to understand about each hair damage factor more closely!

My suggestion would be to try Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair oil, it’s natural and practically a moisture elixir for your hair.

But why Coconut Oil in the first place? There are about hundreds of variants of hair oils in the market today, each with its own set of claims and mixes. Some are pure and natural, others are infused with chemicals in order to “add” potency to the oil. Even within the ‘natural’ oil range, various bases do various things for your hair. But with its natural strong natural properties, coconut oil provides your hair with much-needed holistic nourishment and the solution to your quest on how to avoid hair fall. Read on to know how.
   Coconut Oil strengthens the roots
   When coconut oil is applied to your scalp and hair, it penetrates deep within and strengthens the hair from the inside. Massaging it into your scalp improves circulation to your scalp, giving strength to your roots. This helps to reduce hair fall in the long run. In this manner, it also stimulates hair regrowth. And that’s how you avoid hair fall.
   Coconut Oil seals in the moisture.
   Coconut oil seals in the moisture that is needed by your hair to stay hydrated. It keeps your hair looking silky and shiny! This age-old oil conditions the hair, protects it from heat as well as environmental damage. That itself makes Vatika Coconut Hair Oil an effective enemy to pollution and our best friend!
   Coconut Oil prevents protein loss from hair
   Protein loss can cause hair fall, leading to weak and unhealthy looking hair. Studies have shown that the regular use of coconut oil reduces protein loss from damaged or undamaged hair. The oil itself doesn’t contain protein; but it sure helps to retain it.
   Coconut Oil prevents bacterial and viral infections.
   Excessive pollution and heat-induced sweat can cause the aggravation of bacterial and viral infections on our scalp which in turn causes hair loss. The anti-bacterial property of Vatika Coconut HairOil helps to combat the same.

What are your thoughts about hair fall? Let’s share and discuss any idea or product that you feel has been helpful in treating this problem!

5 ways to wear Floral Print

Floral print is something that almost never goes out of style and you can wear it throughout summer to monsoon to spring and can carry it in autumn and winter too if you gravitate towards darker colors. I have compiled few of my recent outfits to show you guys how you can wear print in different ways:

Print on Print

AD SHOOT -9155 copy ritika crease

This is one of the hottest ways to wear florals. If you are bold enough to carry off this trend with confidence and elegance, then you should definitely go for it. Print on print creates a captivating outfit and you are sure to make heads turn wherever you go. It doesn't necessarily needs to be stripes, you can pair floral print with plaid, houndstooth, polka dots, etc, the options are endless! The trick is to let the prints take centerstage and keep the silhouette minimal and clean. Avoid ruffles and layers.

Mixing Texture

AD SHOOT -9259 AD SHOOT -9234 copy

Mixing texture with floral print can be done in many ways. One of those is layering a textured coverup along with the floral overalls, like I have done here. You could also wear a floral print shirt and wear textured/embossed trousers/skirt with it. Avoid too much color contrasting though, pick a color from your floral print and use the textured piece in same color to maintain uniformity and to avoid the outfit from looking too busy. 

On your Feet

IMG_1954 IMG_1952 copy

Floral print shoes are very much in style these days. I am wearing a simple comfy pair but you can go for wedges or heels in bright floral prints. All you have to do is keep the outfit simple and let your soles do the talking.

Sporty Chic

IMG_1976 copy copy

Yes, all you girls who have a tomboyish style can also wear florals in a feminine way while still maintaining your personal style. I went for a shift dress in floral print with a jersey feel to it. You can skip the heels for canvas shoes if that's more your style! If dress isn't something that goes with your vibe, then pair a floral sweatshirt with leggings, denims or joggers. 

Minimal & Casual

IMG_1969 copy

This outfit is also print on print but it's more on the casual and relaxed side. The floral print is just peeking through while the stripes take the centerstage. This would be a perfect outfit for a day out with friends or for a stroll along the beach. 

So you see, whether your style is relaxed and sporty or eclectic and chic, you can always rock some floral print!


Makeover featuring Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème

Women love their hair, don’t they? I love playing with my hair length, color, texture while still taking care of the quality and softness. I love to experiment with different hairstyles, cuts and color. One season I have long black straight hair, another season I have short wavy bob in a rich brown hue with subtle honey highlights. And now I have front fringes with rich reddish brown base color and copper and honey highlights.

Changing your hair is the best and easiest way to change up your look. My assistant Nisha wanted a makeover from some time now and we finally did it. Her requirement was change and improvement of her style so that she still feels like herself but a more confident and stylish self.

Nisha wanted a subtle hair colour while still maintaining the health of her hair, and if possible improving it too. Godrej Nupur has recently launched a new product that could just be the solution we are looking for – Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème!
Guess what! For the first time ever, Coconut oil comes together with Henna to give you the perfect hair colour in a superior crème format. It has 1\4th nourishing oil that gives healthy and beautiful hair. Now, this product is available in 4 lovely shades – Natural Black, Dark Brown, Natural Brown and Burgundy. We went for the Natural Brown shade and used only one packet for a subtle change in the hair color. You could use 2-3 packs of the same shade if you have longer hair and you want a more dramatic change of colour.


As for her makeup, we just added some lipcolour as Nisha doesn’t wear makeup at all but some colour on the lips was necessary. The major makeover was the hair as she went for a shorter haircut with side bangs that complement her a lot.

Now, I made her wear a loose white shirt that ends right below her hips. Changing the heels for a higher one definitely worked in her favor too and also, some color on your feet never hurt anybody!! The statement necklace was added for bling factor as well as to draw the attention up from the waist and thighs. So, you see, dressing for your body type can easily make you look and feel more confident and chic.


The result was a changed look with beautiful bouncy and shiny hair! What’s even better is that her hair actually feels nourished with the conditioning of Coconut & Henna. We added some curls to give the hair more volume and texture. I think the makeover turned out great, not very dramatic but something that Nisha is comfortable with. She is the happiest with her hair makeover, and has found the #ColourThatCares and I couldn’t agree more!

Instagram - @godrejnupur



How to style a a saree in 3 different ways

Let's face it, whenever a friend gets engaged and sets a date for their marriage, apart from being happy for them you can't help but wonder what to wear for the million different ceremonies that's soon gonna be happening. You can't keep buying new indianwear clothes for every occasion as they don't really come at Zara prices! I have been going through the same dilemma for a while now as many of my friends are getting engaged or getting married. So, I devised this little trick to wear one outfit in a couple of different ways. So, for example I am going to be styling this one saree in 3 different ways and will tell you few more ways how you can wear it and carry it off like a diva without anyone gossiping behind your back that you repeated an outfit! People will actually be asking for tips, trust me!

Look 1


This pre-draped saree is like a boon for me as I am not really accustomed to the intricacy of 5 mtrs of fabric. This look will be perfect for a day occasion. It keeps your hands free of the pallu and looks modern and chic. You can also swap the blouse with a solid color crop top and make the look even more indo-western. I have kept the accessories minimal keeping in mind that the look is more day appropriate. You can however experiment with heavy chandelier earrings if you are big on accessorising.

Look 2


For a more night time event, pile on your favorite kundan set, wrap the pallu around your wrist and swipe on some sexy red on your lips. This style of draping the saree looks very sophisticated and adds elegance to your overall personality. I have accessorised this look somewhat heavily and went with a gold structured bag and kept my hair open for an easy and young look. If you accessorise way to much and also put your hair in a bun, it can look a tad old-school but hey, whatever works for you!

Look 3


For the girls who don't really bother too much about styling and accessorizing, just go the usual way of wearing a saree and add a maangtikka and a cocktail ring, and you are good to go! The easy breezy feel of the whole outfit actually can look very sexy.


And whenever you repeat an outfit, be sure to style it differently. That's where your creativity can play a role. Change up the accessories and bag and have fun mixing and matching different colors, textures and patterns.

IMG_1696 IMG_1721