Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

Since I cut my hair short, I have noticed a whole lot of people cutting their hair short. The short hair trend has taken the world by storm it seems. The Bollywood also joined in with Sonakshi Sinha, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Nargis Fakhri and all these other celebs chopping off their hair. They all couldn’t have burned their hair in an unfortunate accident like I did! Then why was this trend becoming so popular? Why all of a sudden, the whole world wants short hair?

I will tell you why. It’s easier to maintain, and unlike long hair’s volume problems, it’s easier to make a shorter do look more full of hair and luscious. But could this really be the solution to hair fall and hair damage? Not necessarily! You can maintain your hair’s health while they are long and then make a conscious choice if you WANT shorter do instead of NEED a shorter do. 

The season change plays an important role in hair’s health. During Autumn especially, hair fall increases like crazy. The season is approaching and I felt it was a perfect time to find and discuss solutions for this major hair problem!

Well, to start with in simpler words, your hair will fall only if it is not healthy. The season change can do no harm to a healthy mane. Damaged, chemically processed, dry and lifeless hair are anyways doomed to fall out one day or another. So, let’s focus on getting the health of our hair back on track and no one will have to worry about hair fall ever again!

Different forms of hair damage
Hair fall, dandruff and split ends qualify as the most common hair dilemmas that everyone suffers from. Not only are they a clear indication of your damaged hair, but the lack of timely repair can worsen their damaging consequences. Read on to understand about each hair damage factor more closely!

My suggestion would be to try Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair oil, it’s natural and practically a moisture elixir for your hair.

But why Coconut Oil in the first place? There are about hundreds of variants of hair oils in the market today, each with its own set of claims and mixes. Some are pure and natural, others are infused with chemicals in order to “add” potency to the oil. Even within the ‘natural’ oil range, various bases do various things for your hair. But with its natural strong natural properties, coconut oil provides your hair with much-needed holistic nourishment and the solution to your quest on how to avoid hair fall. Read on to know how.
   Coconut Oil strengthens the roots
   When coconut oil is applied to your scalp and hair, it penetrates deep within and strengthens the hair from the inside. Massaging it into your scalp improves circulation to your scalp, giving strength to your roots. This helps to reduce hair fall in the long run. In this manner, it also stimulates hair regrowth. And that’s how you avoid hair fall.
   Coconut Oil seals in the moisture.
   Coconut oil seals in the moisture that is needed by your hair to stay hydrated. It keeps your hair looking silky and shiny! This age-old oil conditions the hair, protects it from heat as well as environmental damage. That itself makes Vatika Coconut Hair Oil an effective enemy to pollution and our best friend!
   Coconut Oil prevents protein loss from hair
   Protein loss can cause hair fall, leading to weak and unhealthy looking hair. Studies have shown that the regular use of coconut oil reduces protein loss from damaged or undamaged hair. The oil itself doesn’t contain protein; but it sure helps to retain it.
   Coconut Oil prevents bacterial and viral infections.
   Excessive pollution and heat-induced sweat can cause the aggravation of bacterial and viral infections on our scalp which in turn causes hair loss. The anti-bacterial property of Vatika Coconut HairOil helps to combat the same.

What are your thoughts about hair fall? Let’s share and discuss any idea or product that you feel has been helpful in treating this problem!