Closeup Diamond Attraction - Review

This month has been mostly about Closeup Diamond Attraction for us. We were flown to Mumbai to attend its launch, we got the products to try before it was launched in the market and then we again flew to Mumbai for another exciting collaboration with Closeup for the same product! 

All of this to promote a toothpaste. We had to wonder, does the product really delivers its claims of instant whiter and brighter teeth? The company must be really confident in their claims as it is supposed to make your teeth whiter and brighter in just one wash and with every wash you see a clear change towards a brighter smile.

Let's take a closer look at the product and see what it is all about!

Co-created with cosmetic dentists, Closeup Diamond Attraction is a revolutionary toothpaste that makes use of patented blue light technology which works instantly to make teeth whiter, and over time it continues to work to give you a whiter, brighter and more radiant smile.

"This toothpaste has revolutionary Blue Light Technology. When you brush with it, you see the unique blue foam in action. After brushing, the blue is gone...and your teeth are visibly whiter than ever before. Right from the first brush! It also provides gradual whitening with regular use"

Commenting on the launch Atul Sinha, Category Head, Oral Care HUL said, “We believe Closeup Diamond Attraction will be a game changer in the category as it transcends from oral care into the beauty space, and leverages on the growing trend of involvement in the beauty segment. Co-created with cosmetic dentists, new Closeup Diamond Attraction is proven to give visibly whiter teeth from the first brush itself. It is a must-have for new age beauty kits.” 

I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and here's what I think: In the first wash, I was expecting my teeth to be like realllly white as the girl in the TV commercial (not the blue glow though, I do NOT want that!) but after the wash, I was a little disappointed but to be frank, does your hair become like the Ariel mermaid, flowing and glowing like Anushka Sharma from the Clear Shampoo Ad in the first wash? No. But what the toothpaste did do was quite apparent after a closer look. It removed the slight tint of yellowness and my teeth did appear a tad bit whiter! 

Over a course of regular use of this half blue-half white gel toothpaste, I can definitely say that I love it. My teeth do appear whiter and the smell of the toothpaste is so minty! If you have to use a toothpaste, why not use this one which has such a fresh and pleasant smell and PLUS, it actually makes your teeth whiter! Regular toothpastes would clean your teeth really well, keeps the germs away and all, I agree. But this one goes an extra mile to make your teeth brighter! 

Price: Rs.40/- for 50gm
Rs.79/- for 100gm

I would say it's a 5/5. 

Go for it!

Personal Shopper Platform: Voonik

These days, most of my time is being spent on this new app I have been introduced to called Voonik. I am in-general big on online shopping(one of the most common symptoms of being a girl!) as it is convenient and you have more variety of brands available online which are not available in the market like Done by None, Femella, Miss Chase, Fab Alley, etc. And what could be better than getting all of these favorite brands of mine under one roof! Voonik is one such app which saves me a ton of time going through all these different websites while offering a wide variety of choices be it clothes, accessories, jewellery, makeup or skincare! Now, with such a wide variety you might think it will be a little overwhelming to go through a zillion number of products to find the perfect one for you (coz there is always something better out there! So, better make sure you get the best!) but that's where Voonik is exclusive as it provides a personal shopping experience. In fact, it is India's largest personal shopper platform! And it has recently launched its app which is available on Play Store on Android phones. 

You can easily download the app and install it on your smartphones. Initially, the app will ask you few questions for a better understanding of your style and your body type. What I really liked is that they have paid attention to skin tone as well and they suggest you colors according to your skin tone! So your feed only shows stuff that’s guaranteed to flatter you. No more buyer remorse. Yay!

Once, you take the little quiz, you will be guided around the app, which is really convenient as I usually take few minutes to figure out what the app is all about but this saves me time and I can get started asap. You basically just need to either skip or like a product and the products that you like will automatically be added to your Love list. Have fun creating a Lovelist with stuff you love. And earn credit when someone buys from it! Another best thing? They will notify you as soon as that item's price drops, it goes on sale or is back in stock!!

Being a personal shopper app, it also suggests what you should pair your dress with. Whether to style the outfit with a statement necklace and stilettos or chunky earring and platform shoes. This is SO convenient! You can also see what your friends are looking at, track other fashionistas, post to Facebook and get a second opinion.

And it's not just clothes, they have a wide variety of makeup and skincare products as well which you will not find in the market like this Garnier Fructis Split-Ends Bandage in the image below. I am definitely going to give it a try and see if this product really works on the split-ends.

 The prices are also surprisingly affordable! Most of the items range between Rs.500/- to Rs.1500/- and you can totally buy complete looks on this app below Rs.3000/-! So, if you are one of those people who dread the long sale queues in stores, go ahead and download this app, you won't be disappointed!

Travel in Style | Fashionably Comfortable Look

Yes, you can wear sweatpants to the airport if you wish, I am not judging! But who knows whom you might run into while you are struggling to lift your heavy suitcase filled with sexy dresses, shoes and tons of makeup and you end up at an angle very unflattering to the hot guy behind you. What use of those nice clothes and makeup when the beginning of your holiday is so dull!

 {Top - Forever 21, Trousers - c/o The Closet Label, Scarf - Zara, Handbag - Love Moschino, Shoes - Mango}

 While traveling, I like to keep my accessories minimal so that they don't poke me during the flight and I can relax or sleep comfortably. My outfit consists of just garments and I throw on a scarf to keep myself warm yet stylish. This Zara scarf is one of my favorites whenever I need to hike up my style quotient without too much hassle. The slouchy high-waist pants and even more slouchier top allows me room to move around and be comfortable. I kept the whole look very muted along with the footwear but added some texture and print through the scarf and some color through the bag. This is my ideal airport look, fashionably comfortable!

{T-Shirt - Zara, Denims - Levi's, Shoes - Geox}

Aman chose to wear a simple denim and t-shirt combo but the combat shoes took the look a notch up. The outfit is easy breezy and very comfortable while there is something about it which makes it look very smart and upbeat. I would give the shoes all the credits!

In case you are wondering where we are off to, we are working on a very exciting new project which demanded our presence in Mumbai this weekend. Yes, twice in the same month! We reached here today and we are here till Monday evening, we are looking out for every window of opportunity where we can sneak away from work and hit the famous streets of the city and check out some nice eateries as well. If you hail from the city of lights, do suggest us places which are a must visit for shopping and good food!


Classic Summer Look for Men

{T-shirt - Forca, Jeans - Levis, Shoes - Forever 21, Bracelets - Aldo}

The weather has been acting up really bad for a past couple of days in Delhi. It rains one day and then it is terribly hot and humid. From fashion perspective, it is really confusing what to wear because it may just start to drizzle any time of the day. For men, I feel the classic combination of denims and white t-shirt is the best way to go for a relaxed and cool look.

Aman pulled this look together one day for going out for some shopping and to the movies and I knew I had to share it on the blog. It is a very guy-next-door kinda look, easy to pull together for absolutely ANY guy. Who doesn't have a pair of favorite blue denims and a simple white t-shirt! I really liked it that Aman played it up in the footwear department by wearing a monochrome patterned espadrille along with the layered bracelets. The whole outfit is quite muted when it comes to color palette but the patterned shoes and the bracelets add character to the whole outfit. Definitely the perfect Summer outfit!

Makeup Breakdown: Red pout

Hey friends!

I have been getting queries for makeup breakdown on few of my recent selfies so I decided to do a complete post on it. Most of you know, how badly I was sunburned in May and it took me 4 de-tan facials to somewhat match my foundation shade which I had purchased right before I got all burned up. But thankfully, the facials and staying indoors helped me to get back to my original shade in 2 months and just in time for one of my closest friend's wedding. 
The look for which I am doing the makeup breakdown:

In the pictures above, I am wearing the same makeup but with different attires. The left one is from an event that happened in Mumbai a couple of weeks ago and the one on the right is from my friend's Sangeet ceremony. Pardon me for using pictures clicked by my phone in these posts but these are the only pictures I have as I was not carrying my SLR for this trip. 

Makeup Breakdown

Primer - BENEFIT Porefessional
Foundation - CHANEL Perfection Lumière Velvet spf 15 (30 Beige)
Concealer - MAC Pro Longwear (NC30)
Compact - CHANEL Vitalumière Èclat (BR20 Beige Rosè)

Eyebrow - MAYBELLINE Chai Latte Quad (Outer Corner Shade)
Eyebrow Mascara - LANCÔME Dèfinicils Waterproof (Brown/Brun)
Eyeshadow Primer - URBAN DECAY Primer Potion
Lid - URBAN DECAY Naked Palette "Sidecar"
Crease - URBAN DECAY Naked Palette "Naked"
Outer Corner - URBAN DECAY Naked Palette "Buck"
Brow Bone/Inner Corner - URBAN DECAY Naked Palette "Virgin"
Lower Lids - URBAN DECAY Naked Palette "Buck" + MAC "Carbon"
Eyeliner - MAC Liquidlast Liner (Point Black)
Waterline Kohl - LAKME Eyeconic (White)
Mascara - CHANEL Le Volume De Chanel 

Bronzer - CHANEL Soleil Tan De Chanel (Review - HERE)
Blush - MAC Gingerly
Highlighter - URBAN DECAY Naked Palette "Virgin"

Lipstick - MAYBELLINE Superstay 14hr Lipstick "Non-Stop Red"

Finishing Spray - URBAN DECAY All Nighter

So, that's about it! I know I have listed quite a bunch of products but since this was a special event makeup, I tend to bring out all my swords to fight through the night. I will do another makeup breakdown next week for another look which was highly requested (Click HERE to see the look), till then if you want me to review any of the above listed products, let me know in the comments below and I will make sure I do the review asap. Thanks for your time, have a great day...or night!


The Shift Dress

{Dress - Femella, Necklace - A jewellery shop from my hometown, Shoes/Midi Rings/Ear cuffs - Forever 21, Clutch - Kunst, Cuffs - H&M}

A Shift dress is one of the wardrobe essentials as it flatters almost all body types and is suitable for many occasions if styled correctly. It came into the world of fashion in late 1950s and since then has been shifting its way through every era and it still holds it's ground when so many trends and styles have come and gone! Recently, I have grown an affection towards them as they are easy on the comfort level and high on style scale. This shift dress is my favorite of the lot that I have acquired recently. It's soft pale pink color looks very chic and sophisticated and the shoulder cut flatters my shoulders in the best way possible. This shift dress from Femella features a racerback and a layered look which adds more design elements to a simple dress.

I decided to style the dress in a more sophisticated way than I would any other shift dress as the color of the dress spells sophistication. Pairing it with a kundan necklace and a gold cuff, I kept the accessorization minimalistic yet bold. These two pieces of jewelleries were more than enough to complete the look. The shoes were a classy pair of suede heels and the hair was also done in an updo to maintain the classic and elegant look I was going for. This dress can be styled in so many different ways, the possibilities are endless. I can already imagine myself styling it in at least four more different ways, maybe one can be with sneakers for a super casual/relaxed look!

About the Brand:
Formed in 2009, Femella is India’s leading fashion eccentric destination inspiring the Indian women with funky and stylish clothing. The brand aims for reasonable, feminine and easy-to-wear fashion. Each attire crafted with in depth attention to detail adheres to the utmost quality standards. With the alluring collections and innovative designs with exquisite patterns, Femella has turned India’s most desired brand of women in a short span of time. Femella was recognized with the most sold out brand in a renowned online portal and the products are also available in the other online fashion portal like,, etc.

With young and passionate entrepreneurs, Kavya Arora (CEO, Femella Fashions) and Ketki Arora (COO, Femella Fashions) Femella has become one of the popular affordable western wear brands in India. Kavya, a graduate from George Washington University, USA, observed a huge demand in the market for affordable western fashion wear in India, which led him to lead Femella into online space. Under his able leadership, Femella has grown exponentially over the last two years since being exclusively in the online space. While Ketki's responsibilities includes running the operations smoothly and looking over the design team. Her strategically implemented inputs and internal love for fashion played a role in facilitating in the growth of the company.