Travel in Style | Fashionably Comfortable Look

Yes, you can wear sweatpants to the airport if you wish, I am not judging! But who knows whom you might run into while you are struggling to lift your heavy suitcase filled with sexy dresses, shoes and tons of makeup and you end up at an angle very unflattering to the hot guy behind you. What use of those nice clothes and makeup when the beginning of your holiday is so dull!

 {Top - Forever 21, Trousers - c/o The Closet Label, Scarf - Zara, Handbag - Love Moschino, Shoes - Mango}

 While traveling, I like to keep my accessories minimal so that they don't poke me during the flight and I can relax or sleep comfortably. My outfit consists of just garments and I throw on a scarf to keep myself warm yet stylish. This Zara scarf is one of my favorites whenever I need to hike up my style quotient without too much hassle. The slouchy high-waist pants and even more slouchier top allows me room to move around and be comfortable. I kept the whole look very muted along with the footwear but added some texture and print through the scarf and some color through the bag. This is my ideal airport look, fashionably comfortable!

{T-Shirt - Zara, Denims - Levi's, Shoes - Geox}

Aman chose to wear a simple denim and t-shirt combo but the combat shoes took the look a notch up. The outfit is easy breezy and very comfortable while there is something about it which makes it look very smart and upbeat. I would give the shoes all the credits!

In case you are wondering where we are off to, we are working on a very exciting new project which demanded our presence in Mumbai this weekend. Yes, twice in the same month! We reached here today and we are here till Monday evening, we are looking out for every window of opportunity where we can sneak away from work and hit the famous streets of the city and check out some nice eateries as well. If you hail from the city of lights, do suggest us places which are a must visit for shopping and good food!