Stepping out of the home and having your styling game on-point every single time is not really that difficult. And especially now that I have been practising my styling skills on Limeroad's scrapbooking tool for a couple of months. I have had a lot of fun creating various looks for various occasions and this month, I wanted to style a look on myself and share it with you guys. I styled this look on Limeroad and I am more than happy with how it actually turned out!

IMG_1182 copy copy copy

If you follow me on InstagramTwitter or Facebook, you would know how smitten I am with these shades! I am carrying these with me every where I go. They are huge, they are pink, they are fabulous!

IMG_1116 copyIMG_1156 copy copyIMG_1125 copy copyIMG_1187 copy copyIMG_1175 copy copyIMG_1129 copy copy
{Jeggings/Top/Shoes/Ring/Cuff/Sunglasses - Limeroad, Clutch - Saumya & Bhavini Modi}

This outfit is perfect for going out shopping or lunch with friends and family. It is comfortable, chic and very summer appropriate. Minimal accessories are the way to go when the sun is shining on it's brightest setting. I went with all the cool colors for this outfit to keep the look as fresh as possible. The blue jeggings fits me like a glove and the embellished top adds the needed bling in the outfit. The crochet clutch maintains the vibe of the outfit and compliments it perfectly while the huge dusty pink shades adds drama to the look. And can we all please take a moment to admire the beauty that these shoes are! They are super comfortable too and I can imagine this pair going with almost all my outfits. That's the beauty of nude color footwear! You can shop this look on my Limeroad Profile HERE

Have fun scrapbooking!

Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh

Dabur Vatika Coconut++ Hair Oil Review

Summer brings along with it new trends and fresh changes especially in our hair texture, hair color and cuts. Be it natural changes or paid for, women usually feel that it’s in trend to change their hairdo and they feel good with the turning heads when they walk down the street.  They prefer their hair to be wildly red, bleached and toned, dyed to the perfect pastel-cotton-candy pink and what not! [Trust me, I am myself guilty of the same!]

Well, of course, who does not like to be in trend?
But these kinds of experiments actually damage the beauty of the natural hair.
Imagine, you are in a hurry, you came out of the shower and you use hot iron to get your tresses straight as fast as possible but you end up burning the follicles and broken tresses. How will you feel?

That is actually unnoticeable but it actually does damage our hair as well.
Most of the women I have met have also complained that summer time makes their hair go all rough and they want to get rid of it by chopping them off and that the hot weather and windy days make their hairs go weak and damaged. Most of the women feel sad about their hair as they are not able to take care of them as it requires time. Our hair surely requires constant care and time to look gorgeous. 

But in today’s time giving constant attention to our hair is a difficult task.
But when I used Vatika Coconut++ Hair Oil, I was quite surprised with the after effects of this hair oil. After testing it for about a month, I could easily notice the change in my hair. Now, my hair look gorgeous than ever before and I do not need to tie my hair when I go outside in the soaring heat. They look shiny and gorgeous and have stopped giving me hard time as they used to give me before. The best thing is that my frizzy hair texture has softened down to a somewhat soft wavy tresses.

All thanks to Vatika Coconut++ Hair Oil.
Not only it did repair my hair but also it actually helped in deep conditioning of the scalpand nourishing hair follicles.
So let’s have a look at the positive points of Vatika Coconut ++Hair Oil:
  • It is easily available.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Its travel friendly.
  • It contains herbal ingredients.
  • It has a pleasant smell.
  • It visibly reduces dandruff.
  • It controls frizz to some extent and makes hair bouncy and shiny.

You can easily use it by:
  • Massaging slightly warmed Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil onto your scalp thoroughly.
  • Allowing the oil to penetrate through your scalp by leaving it for an hour preferably wrapped in a hot towel
  • Rinsing your hair thoroughly and notice a healthy shine instantly.
The bottle is available at a very decent price of Rs. 55/- only (150 ml).

IMG_0766 copy

OxyLife Creme Bleach Review

We as a women are always worried about our body and skin especially during summers. Isn’t it?
‘How do I look?’ This question often makes us worried all the time. We always wish to have a perfect skin and due to this, we use different kinds of products that may harm our skin.
Going to an outdoor party, you need good make up and skin that glows. So imagine all your dreams of being the center of attention in the party gets ruined, and that’s because, your skin gets dull when you travel or be exposed to sun, heat and dirt for a long while.
Increasing level of pollution in the environment decreases the oxygen level in your skin. This in turn makes your skin dull and dead. Researchers say it can cause uneven skin tone, accelerate aging and make your skin look dull.
You must have thought at least once that you didn’t eat right or used the wrong cream but the real truth is that your skin lacks oxygen!
But don’t hassle girls. There’s a quick solution to this that you can avail! #SayYestoOxygen! Try Oxylife Crème Bleach for Women, a revolutionary product that is filled with the goodness of oxygen, good for any skin type.

IMG_0982 copy

Firstly I was worried too because I had dull skin which made me look tired. Clearly, I wasn’t fond of bleach creams much as I too had a fear of the foreign products being applied on the skin. But when I came across Oxylife Creme Bleach almost 6 years ago, I became speechless. The results I got were amazing; I got soft, radiant, healthy looking skin. There is no artificial pale look rather it is very natural. I loved the results.

Since then, I use this bleach cream and now I do not think of any other brand. I have actually been using this bleach for 6 years and never felt the need to switch to any other brand.
Let’s have a look what this bleach can do for your skin:
1: OxyLife Creme Bleach infuses active oxygen into the skin.
2: Oxygen opens pores, removes dead skin and tan, reduces hyper pigmentation and gives         flawless fair skin.
3: OxySphere Technology enables pure oxygen molecules to be trapped which are released at the time of application, giving you a long lasting, enhanced glow.

Direction for use of OxyLife Creme Bleach:
   Step 1 - Wash face with plain water and pat dry.
   Step 2 - Take crème bleach and powder activator in the ratio of 7:1.
   Step 3 - Using the spatula, mix the activator and crème for a good 2 minutes till the powder activator dissolves completely.
   Step 4 - Apply the mixture on the area to be bleached. Avoid application on eyebrows and around the eyes.
   Step 5 - Allow it to remain for the recommended time (up to 10 minutes for darker skin tones, up to 15 minutes for wheatish skin tones and 15 minutes or more for fairer skin tones)
   Step 6 - Wash off with cold water.
   Step 7 - Apply the post-bleach skin radiance serum on the bleached area and see a visible radiance!

IMG_1182 copy copy copy

This oxylife bleach is only of Rs 72/- for 27 grams. So what are you waiting for? #SayYesToOxygen and try this product once and you will be its fan.
So friends, hope you enjoy using OxylifeCrème Bleach as much as I did and gain back your confidence of flaunting a flawless complexion!

Floral Romper

IMG_1040 copy IMG_1034 copy IMG_1045 copy IMG_1054 copy IMG_1058 copy IMG_1065 copy IMG_1089 copy IMG_1098 copy IMG_1101 copy
{Romper/Necklaces/Rings - Forever 21, Bag/Watch - Michael Kors, Shoes - U.S.}

In my last post I talked about how I love throwing on a dress for a lazy day while I still wanna have a cute outfit on but not put too much thought into it. And then it occurred to me that the same stands true for a romper/jumpsuit too! And lately, I have been loving wearing jumpsuits and rompers, you would know if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I have been wearing them at least once every week!

Summer is always reminiscent of floral prints, bold, bright hues and short clothes. Combining all of those Summer flavours in one outfit, this romper is currently topping my obsession list! The bohemian bell sleeves, the myriad of beautiful colors or the bold bright floral print, I mean what's not to love? I added few dainty necklaces and rings to add to the boho vibe of this outfit and make it day appropriate but you can just as easily add a statement necklace and a clutch for a night out in the town! 

Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh

The Summer LBD!

IMG_0284 copyIMG_0287 copy IMG_0271 copy copy IMG_0264 copy copy
IMG_0304 copy
{Dress/Shoes/Necklace - Forever 21, Bag/Watch - Michael Kors, Sunglasses - Prada}

A little black dress goes a long way, we have always heard that and it's true, a simple black dress is something every girl should own. I myself have 7 or 8 black dresses: a body-con dress, a swing dress, a maxi dress, a two-tiered dress, a sheer panel dress, etc etc. But my favorite LBD during the Summers is hands down this cute drop-waist dress in ditsy daisy print. The simple details of this dress is what makes it so cute. The drop waist gives a very relaxed and casual vibe and the print adds to the cuteness.

Wearing a day dress is my favourite thing to do on those lazy days when I don't wanna think too much about my outfit and it's too hot outside to be wearing denims. The easiest way to dress up for the day is simple, wear dresses. Just a touch of accessories like a long chain or two, a watch and a sling bag is enough to get you through the day without compromising on style. You can skip heels and just go out in cute summer flats also and still you would look chic and dolled up. Investing in dresses has been my favorite thing to do for past few months. Being a fashion blogger, I am constantly on my toes running around for meetings, shoots, location scouting or sourcing and it does leave me exhausted on some days and when those days come when I don't have a single moment to spend thinking about my outfit for the day, these dresses come to my rescue. Try this tip and stock on some dresses and you will see how you can always have you A game on even on those lazy days!

Tip: Forever 21, Koovs, Marks and Spencer and Jabong are my personal favorite places to shop from when it come to dresses. Keep a lookout on those sales too, you can sometimes get great deals!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Aman

Street style: Ripped leggings and oversized shirt

IMG_0941 copy IMG_0949 copy copy IMG_0982 copy IMG_0998 copy copy IMG_0954 copy copy IMG_0980 copy copy IMG_0983b copy copy
{Shirt/Bag - Thrifted, Leggings - Youshine, Brooch - Anaikka, Hat/Shoes - Zara, Ring - Forever 21, Watch - Michael Kors}

I decided to start this look series called Street Style as many of you suggested in the recent 5th Blogiversary giveaway I hosted that you all would like to see more of wearable outfits that one can wear to college or going out with friends. So, this series will focus on exactly that. 

A red pout and a hat is the secret to make any simple outfit look perfectly street style chic. If you have plans to step out for a stylish evening stroll in the streets with your friends or pay a visit to the mall to check out the sales, just swipe some red color and add a bold accessory like a hat or a brooch or a necklace and you are good to go. I, for instance, always always carry a red lipstick in my bag. Who knows when you might need it and trust me, a red pout can really change your whole look. It has the power to make a drabby outfit also look pulled together and chic. Don't believe me? Go wear your old blue jeans and a regular t-shirt and then put on some red lipstick, I promise you, you wouldn't even feel the need to do your hair. A low messy bun would also do! 

Fitted leggings and loose oversized shirt has been my go-to outfit since like forever. It flatters all body types except if you have very thin legs and heavy torso. You can experiment so much with this basic look. Change up color of the leggings, play with texture and silhouettes of the shirt. Roll up the sleeves or leave it down, button up till neck or leave few buttons open, do whatever you want and it will give you a different vibe every single time. Try it, and I am sure this could very well become your go-to outfit too!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh

Contest: Celebrate Father's Day with Nautica!

Hi guys! 
So, our 5th Blogiversary Celebration Giveaway ended last night and we will soon be announcing the winners on our Facebook and Instagram. We got few amazing suggestions and one which was repetitive was that we should host more giveaways and contests. You asked and we gave!

Here's another fun contest for you all. Father's day is around the corner and we want you to give your father the best gift possible. Nautica is one of our favourite brands when it comes to menswear and so we decided to collaborate with them and bring a fun contest to you where you can stand to win gift vouchers from the brand! Now, don't give it another thought, just participate for fun and who knows you might win and you can get your father a cool gift for this Father's Day.

Nautica has many options to choose from when it comes to gifting ideas. They have Linen shirts in cheerful summer colors, leather belts, leather wallets, shoes, perfumes, trousers, polo t-shirts and what not! You can click HERE and check out more gift ideas for your dad!

And all of this could be at your disposal! All you have to do is share a picture with your dad from one of your travel/adventures together!
Contest Rules:
1. Share images of your travel/adventure with your father around the world or the country on your Facebook or Instagram account.
2. Tag @StyleFashionEtc and @Nautica on your post and picture so that we can find your entry.
3. Add hashtags: #FathersDaywithNautica #MyNautica
4. Three Winners with the best pictures will be gratified with Gift Vouchers:
1st Winner - Rs.5000/- Gift Voucher
2nd Winner - Rs.2000/- Gift Voucher
3rd Winner - Rs.2000/- Gift Voucher
5. The contest ends on 20th June'15 and is open for Indian readers only.
6. Winners will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram Page :)

Good Luck to you all and a very happy Father's Day!


A date with Label Ritu Kumar

IMG_0861 copy

Label Ritu Kumar comes under the umbrella of the brand 'Ritu Kumar'. Label focuses more on contemporary and urban dressing for modern-age women and providing them easy solutions for everyday lifestyle. A sea of options are available when you visit the store, all the collection displayed in a beautiful color co-ordinated manner. The color story seamlessly flows from one palette to another through whites and creams, yellows and oranges, blues and green and reminds you of fluid nature of fashion. The one thing that is sure to catch your eye is the print play going on everywhere your eyes turn. They have absolutely stunning floral and abstract prints. The solid color shirts and trousers are no less interesting, with a partial print lining, they have the most interesting details which makes for perfect wardrobe staple pieces. Ofcourse, while we were there we sneaked a peek at the traditional wear they had to offer as well but I definitely had a gaga time trying on clothes from the Label collection!

IMG_0668 copy IMG_0673 copy IMG_0764 copy IMG_0766 copy IMG_0862 copy copy IMG_0839 copy copy IMG_0832 copy IMG_0821 copy copy

This beautiful cotton floor length anarkali was the first piece that grabbed my attention the moment I walked into the store. I have an affection with darker colors and my life long affair with black and blues came into play and I knew I had to try this one on! And boy did I have fun trying it on! These are just few snippets of the gala that went on for at least 20 minutes. Judge all you may but a floor length anarkali that can twirl this good.....I am not even gonna explain myself for this one :P

IMG_0657 copy copy

This bright reddish orange jumpsuit paired with a long printed coverup shirt makes for a perfect outfit for relaxed summer afternoon. I can totally imagine myself wearing this outfit for a Sunday brunch or while out shopping.

IMG_0695 copy copy IMG_0725 copy IMG_0709 copy IMG_0713 copy

What did I tell you about prints at Label? These ditsy floral print will give you a mini orgasm if you are a print lover! I decided to embrace the full print on print trend and go all out with the outfit. Loud and clear. This outfit could be just as perfect for office as it could be for a sophisticated evening soiree that does not require dressy outfit but it does require chic to be on the menu. The colors summarises Summer and all things pretty while still not being overwhelmingly girly. I like that a lot about this outfit. The bag is an accessory enough for this outfit. Probably my favorite outfit of the lot. No, wait! I love the anarkali too! Oh! Its so difficult to pick a favorite! You guys tell me, which outfit did you love the most?


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh