Biba Store Visit

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Everytime I need to attend an event which requires me to shed my western aesthetics and embrace Indianwear in all it's glory, I always find myself leaning towards Biba for casual or even light evening wear for that matter. The affordability and the wide variety always surprises me pleasantly. Recently, when contacted by Biba to visit the store and play dress up, I willingly surrendered and needless to say, it was a happy visit! The summery colors and prints had me on my toes and I tried a gazzilian outfits to be honest. Sharing all the images would be going overboard so sharing my two favourites (Green Kurta and Yellow kurta) from the lot.

The fit was something that really had me in awe this time. Every garment fit me perfectly as if it was custom made for my body! This is an issue that most women face while buying Indianwear I feel. There is always some fabric that hangs loose at the waist or the bust or sometimes things are way too tight to breathe in! Biba had that problem sorted and how!

The collection has been curated with utmost care of details, fit and the color palette. Bursting with vibrant yellow, limes, blues and what not, the collection has really come alive and you can notice this even if you pass by the store! Do drop in though and try out few pieces to really know that they have the best fits. And prints!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh