Bidding goodbye to my long tresses

{Crop Top/Necklace/Shoes/Hand Harness/Rings - Forever 21, Pants - Monsoon, Wrap Bracelet - Zara}

When I did this photoshoot, I never imagined that this might just be one of my last outfits with long hair! Even though I wanted to cut my hair short for a long time, I never had the courage to chop off my long tresses that took so much effort to become what they were. But I guess, I needed the push which I got this Diwali. Everybody has been asking me why I chopped off my hair, why did I get rid of my long tresses and here's the answer:
Because it caught fire.

Yes, that's the story. On Diwali night, after the customary prayers and all, we were clicking family pictures. I had my camera on the tripod and was setting timer so that I could also be in the picture and since not everyone were fitting in the frame, I kept moving back without realizing that there was a diya (Indian candle, sort of) right behind me. After a few seconds, I felt something hot on my back and at the same moment my brother who was standing near me noticed the fire. Thankfully, the damage was contained on time and it was limited to my hair. I went to the salon and got a good 10 inches chopped off even though the damage was up till 6-7 inches. I felt it was a perfect opportunity to try out the long bob that I wanted for last 5-6 months but just couldn't. So yeah, now I have like super short hair and sometimes I miss my long hair so much, I could cry but I do love the short look too. It's lighter and easier to style and looks cute. Here's how it looks now: 

I am kinda happy that I finally got the haircut I had been craving for. And the timing couldn't be better with the Fall season approaching. I am super excited to style my hair this season! I have had my fair share of hair updos for now and now I am ready to experiment with short hair :D

How to do Indo-western flawlessly!

When you are running short of time during festive or wedding season, you don't necessarily need to pick up any outfit just for the sake of it. You can create an indo-western outfit which would look just as chic as any of those designer humdrums your cousins would be wearing. When all of a sudden, it was decided that we need to wear traditional outfits for our last day of the office before Diwali and I had all heavy anarkalis and sarees which I could not carry off during a hectic bridal shoot which was scheduled for the last day, this happened:  

{Dress - Koovs, Leggings - Sakshi Grover, Necklace - Jewellery shop from my hometown, Shoes - Christian Louboutin}

I paired a midi length black dress with a peach colored leggings from an anarkali and topped it off with a heavy kundan necklace. The dress had a beautiful silhouette with high neck and quarter sleeves on the bodice and a draped skirt both attached on the waist leaving a tasteful gap which showed some skin and saved the look from being too stuffy. I maintained the chic look of the whole ensemble by going with straight hair and I think it all turned out quite nice, what do you think?

If you decide to try this out, keep a few pointers in mind:
- Choose a dress with an appropriate length which can pass for a kurta
- No prints unless it's paisley or some other Indian motif
- Choose subtle colors like nudes, peaches, black, creams, etc which are mostly used in Indianwear
- If you want to go for colors, go for jewel tones like emerald, rich purple, etc.
- Accessorize with Indian jewellery and don't be afraid to pile them on, just don't go too much overboard.

If you try this technique, do share a picture on Twitter or Instagram tagging me!

Stay Chic!

Earn while you shop this festive season!!

I don't think it's a secret that I am kinda shopaholic. Be it's Sale season or not, it is difficult for me to let go of something that I probably don't need but want really bad. When I was in college, I would save every penny to buy the shoes that I was eyeing. Now, a couple of years later, nothing has changed. I still save and shop. The only change that is evident is my interest in Online shopping. It is so much easier and faster especially during sale season! Instead of standing in long queues for the trial room and then at the cashier, I prefer sifting through hundreds of products online at my disposal. Just a few clicks here and there in the comfort of my own room, I have acquired few of my favorite pieces that lie in my wardrobe today.

This festive season when you have so many reasons to shop, online shopping can prove to be the biggest rescue possible from the overly crowded stores. I love shopping but it is really not convenient to go through every rack at the stores when there is a lot of rush. And during Dhanteras, Diwali and Bhaidooj almost back to back, there is no possibility of delaying your shopping till after the festivities. So what do I do? I go online to few of my favorite online shopping websites and place orders for Diwali/Card Party outfit for myself, something expensive for Dhanteras, something special for my little brother for Bhaidooj and few gifts for my friends and family. Now, I am guessing you guys are getting anxious about how to earn while you do some major deep digging in your pockets. Sit tight, the good stuff is about to begin!

How about if I tell you that you can get a certain percentage of money that you spend on these online purchases back in your bank account? Yes, you heard me. is a website which offers cashback on your online purchases on outlets like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Koovs, Amazon, Yatra, Ebay, etc. Whether you are buying your outfit, a new phone or your New Year's Vacation tickets, has got it all covered!

How it works:

-In order to get bonuses of your purchases, you must be logged in to your Bonusbay account, and click on any of the online stores through the Bonusbay website.
-You will make a purchase in the online stores as you normally would.
-When you go to the online store through their service it recognizes that you are a user of Bonusbay and pays them sales commission for your purchases.
-Bonusbay shares this commission with you in a form of bonus, so that you will get part of your own money back.
-You can request the transfer of bonuses to your bank account once the balance hits a minimum amount of Rs. 1000.
- Bonusbay transfers bonuses to your bank account within a few working days.
-You can check your total tracked bonus and your balance available for payment from My Profile page on the Tracked Bonus tab.

Different websites offer different bonuses like Myntra offers 6% bonus, Flipkart and Amazon offers 5.5% bonus and so on. Over a period of time, you can really save a lot. Use this saved money to treat yourself with pretty shoes or bag, whatever you want. I know I am going to be using this website's facility this festive season A LOT! I mean, why not get cash back on your purchases when you simply can!

P.S. - Click on the link below to get an exclusive welcome bonus for Style Fashion Etc readers (This amount is ready cash and goes in to your account!)

Keep Saving!

Wills Lifestyle Collection Review

Fashion week has officially come to an end. While the 5 days were filled with crazy energy, late nights, fun and fashion, I did get a chance to meet few lovely people and get a closer look at all the designer clothes. But in midst of all things expensive, the Wills Lifestyle collection really stood out! From Club, Sports, Classic to Designer Wear, they have got everything covered. I have my eye on a couple of Pankaj & Nidhi designs for Wills!

On Day 5, I got a chance to see the collection up close and review it as a guest of PopXo and Wills Lifestyle. And I was really really impressed from this year's Autumn/Winter collection!

This boho-chic jumpsuit is one of my favorite pieces from the collection. The fabric is soft and drapes beautifully and the color scheme just screams Autumn/Winter! This would be just as perfect for a dinner date paired with a long coat as it would be for a sunny day lunching on a terrace cafe!

This mustard yellow suit is perfect if you work in a stylish office environment. It gives a bold statement and in contrast with the soft shirt fabric, it retains the femininity as well.

The men's collection really bowled me over. I have seen my guy friends struggling to shop stylish clothes from high street brands, and really there is hardly any options out there for them! I know for sure, Aman would be happy to check out the Wills Lifestyle collection as they have amazing color blocked shirts, polo t-shirts and well tailored trousers.

I loved the jackets in the collection as well, be it womens or mens. They are so well fitted and tailored fit is actually very rare to find these days and that is what costs you a bomb while shopping from designers. But Wills managed to get it right with the fits and I am so glad! The color combinations and the finishings are really good and I cannot wait for these to hit the shops so that I can grab couple of these awesome pieces! I suggest, you guys also keep a lookout for the new Autumn/Winter collection from Wills Lifestyle because it is going to be a show stealer!


So, as I have been attending the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week this season in collaboration with PopXo, I thought it would be great to bring you guys along with me for one day through pictures.

Day 4 was filled with exciting shows like Dev R nil, Urvashi Kaur, Wendell Rodricks, etc. with the highlight being the last show of Wendell in collaboration with Ministry of Textiles. More on that later. But in between attending back to back fashion shows, we usually have an hour gap and that is the time to catch up with fellow blogger friends, fill up your tummy and go through the stalls in the exhibition area. I managed to squeeze in time for all three and I actually ran into an old college friend of mine and we ended up chatting for hours before Wendell's show. Surprise run-ins are always fun :)

Raakesh Agarwal's show was definitely not his best. He has done a lot better in past and the overuse of denim was even though done efficiently, it failed to leave an impact on the audience. 

Vineet Bahl's collection was nice and likeable but nothing mind blowing here. The palette was neutral mostly with splashes of color here and there. The embroidery was beautiful though and the use of gathers were done very nicely.

Wendell Rodricks did something quite different this time and I personally loved it. His collection usually consists of all shades in the rainbow but this time around, he sticked to just one color, white. The collection had a very zen feel to it and the music added to the ambience. The cuts and drapes were stunning and it was the best collection of the day without a doubt.
The choice of dusky models was a brilliant move as whites stands out the best on such skin tones.

I also crossed by Malini Ramani's stall while sifting through the exhibition, isn't the display super cute!

Along with many fashion whos who, Bollywood was not left far behind. Neha Dhupia attended dressed in all white and how! Loved the chic red lips with the outfit.

{Skirt/Necklace - Koovs, Crop Top/Shoes - Forever 21, Clutch - Bangkok}

I also got a quick outfit picture taken, the lighting was not the best so excuse the use of flash. I chose to wear an all black outfit to compliment the fuschia studded clutch I was carrying. And I kept the accessories minimal by just going with a statement necklace because the look was effortless. Like literally. I got ready in 15 mins in the morning as I had to go to office first and finish off my work and then head to the fashion week. I just swapped my bag and heels for a smaller and higher version respectively. Hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more exciting updates of WIFW and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates!

Stay Fab!

What I wore to WIFW SS15

{Skirt- StalkBuyLove, Top/Shoes - Zara, Necklace/Rings - Forever21, Bag - Love Moschino}

Fashion week is in full swing and so is the street style at the show venue. In my last post, I showed you guys some very stylish outfits worn by some very stylish ladies so now, it's time to show you guys what I wore to WIFW. I am attending the Wills Fashion Week as a PopXo blogger and if you guys don't know about it already, I have collaborated with PopXo and will be guest blogging for them so do check out their website if you want to see more of my articles :)

I wanted to keep my outfit minimalistic and non-fussy this time as I was attending sans the partner in crime, Aman so I had to handle the camera, etc. I already showed you all which bag I was going to carry to WIFW in my previous post What's in my Bag (Fashion Week Edition) and it went perfectly with my outfit. I chose to wear a printed pencil skirt paired with a plain white sleeveless top for a clean look. I have always been afraid of wearing white as it is too high-maintenance but I guess, with age comes maturity(not that I am too old :P) because I seem to be gravitating a lot towards whites and nudes these days. These colours give a clean and crisp look to the whole ensemble which is what I was going for with this outfit. 

And by the way, has anybody noticed my new damn cool shades yet? No? Nobody? Well, I will either ways shamelessly shout it out loud: Check out my new super cool shades!!! It was a gift from Aman and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I may just be able to wear it for next couple of weeks before Winter hits but I don't care! I loveeee them!! :D

Stay fabulous!

Fashion at the WIFW SS15!

Fashion Weeks have always been an object of curiosity for the common people who don't get to attend. I know because before I started blogging, I was also curious to attend the Will Lifestyle India Fashion Week and see what really goes inside. And yes, the fashion! Truth to be told, 80% of people wear the outfits that they couldn't to the supermarket or the mall or even to the movies with their non-fashion friends. It's like a fashion parade everywhere you look. It's not just the ramps and designers that the fashion weeks are made of, had there not been such fashionable and stylish people gracing these events, it would be a dull affair and would eventually lose it's charm.  

So, day 1 was quite short for me as I was not very well. I was going to skip it but glad I made the decision of at least going for a couple of hours coz it was totally worth it! I spotted few really stylishly dressed people and couldn't resist clicking them. 

Looking forward to what the rest of the days have in store for us! It's just the beginning...

This season, I am attending the WIFW as a guest of and Wills Lifestyle. If you don't know already, I am guest blogging for PopXo, check out my Profile HERE!

Stay chic!

What's in my bag (WIFW Edition)

Hello friends!

The Wills India Fashion Week frenzy is about to begin in a couple of days. I am gearing myself up inspite of being sick for past few days because I do not want to miss this season as Spring/Summer is my favorite! As I was packing my bag for the 5 days of madness, I figured if some of you are also planning to go, a post on what to carry to go through the whole day at the fashion week venue might be of help. So, here it is!

Apart from day-to-day items, I add on few more things that are very crucial during Fashion Weeks. The first and foremost are a pair of flats because running from one show to another in heels can take a toll on your soles and you can rest them in between by wearing a comfy pair of flats. You should also carry an external mobile charger, some gum, pen drive, roll-on perfume, sanitizer, band-aids, etc. To get a more detailed insight on what's in my bag during fashion weeks, check out the video below:

Being a blogger, I always carry my DSLR to capture all the fashionable moments and the street style during fashion weeks and I will be bringing this cute camera bag by October with me. 

Hope this post helps you guys! And if you spot me at the WIFW, come say hi!! We can take a selfie together :))

This season, I am attending the WIFW as a guest of and Wills Lifestyle. If you don't know already, I am guest blogging for PopXo, check out my Profile HERE!

Meanwhile, here's how you can attend Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, enter this cool contest
  • Upload and Instagram a picture of you in an outfit that you would like to wear at the WIFW. We love your look... you win a couple pass to the WIFW. You just have to tag the below mentioned handles and add the hashtag.
  • Tag @stylefashionetc, @popxodaily and @willslifestyle
  • Hashtag: #MyWIFWLook
Who might be the lucky one. 

Special Announcement!!

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