Bidding goodbye to my long tresses

{Crop Top/Necklace/Shoes/Hand Harness/Rings - Forever 21, Pants - Monsoon, Wrap Bracelet - Zara}

When I did this photoshoot, I never imagined that this might just be one of my last outfits with long hair! Even though I wanted to cut my hair short for a long time, I never had the courage to chop off my long tresses that took so much effort to become what they were. But I guess, I needed the push which I got this Diwali. Everybody has been asking me why I chopped off my hair, why did I get rid of my long tresses and here's the answer:
Because it caught fire.

Yes, that's the story. On Diwali night, after the customary prayers and all, we were clicking family pictures. I had my camera on the tripod and was setting timer so that I could also be in the picture and since not everyone were fitting in the frame, I kept moving back without realizing that there was a diya (Indian candle, sort of) right behind me. After a few seconds, I felt something hot on my back and at the same moment my brother who was standing near me noticed the fire. Thankfully, the damage was contained on time and it was limited to my hair. I went to the salon and got a good 10 inches chopped off even though the damage was up till 6-7 inches. I felt it was a perfect opportunity to try out the long bob that I wanted for last 5-6 months but just couldn't. So yeah, now I have like super short hair and sometimes I miss my long hair so much, I could cry but I do love the short look too. It's lighter and easier to style and looks cute. Here's how it looks now: 

I am kinda happy that I finally got the haircut I had been craving for. And the timing couldn't be better with the Fall season approaching. I am super excited to style my hair this season! I have had my fair share of hair updos for now and now I am ready to experiment with short hair :D