His and Hers OOTD + Debuting New Hair!

When Summers arrived this year, I had already been waiting for it with my mind made up for a dramatic hair change. Summers calls for change, something new, something fresh. And I was all ready to chop off my locks for a long bob cut (Alexa Chung style!...Hell! I might still do it next year!) but so much of effort had went into growing my hair this long that I just couldn't muster up the courage to get rid of them. So, I decided against it and instead went for cut, color and highlights. After a lot of research on how light I should go and what kind of highlights I want, I finally endured the painfully boring 4 hours of the procedure and I am so loving the results!! The highlights are beautifully placed, not overpowering the base color and still significantly visible. It would be an understatement to say that I am mildly obsessed with the hair right now! It looks amazing with curls, highlights flowing elegantly throughout the hair and it looks even more awesome in an updo when you can see all the twists and turns in the hair. Ummm...Yeah, I warned you I am m(/w)ildly obsessed with my hair :P

{Tank Top - Mango, Skirt/Necklace/Rings - Forever 21, Shoes - Zara}

{Corduroy Shirt - Celio, Trousers - UCB, Belt - Burberry, Shoes - Rosso Brunello}

This post doesn't only marks the debut of my new hair, but also an introduction of His and Hers OOTD series. After much persuasion, Aman has finally agreed to gratify SFE with his visual presence. He says that he likes being behind the camera but his smile in the picture tells me otherwise ;) We are starting menswear fashion now on the blog and I hope and believe that Aman will get the same love and support I have always been receiving from you all!

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more menswear fashion updates, fitness inspiration or just for some casual laughs (He is the funniest guy ever!).

Stay Fabulous!

American Swan Beauty & the Blogger! [Behind the Scenes]

As most of you must be knowing by now, I participated in a contest, Beauty and the Blogger sponsored by American Swan. The shooting was held in The Corinthians Resort and Club, Pune and it was scheduled for 4 days. Hosted by Cyrus Sahukar (who is a Laughing Riot btw!) and mentored by Anusha Dandekar and Miss Malini, the show is going to go live next week and you can see all the action happening for yourselves. Here are a few behind the camera shots for you!

There were 8 Bloggers and 8 Models who participated in the show and were teamed up in groups of two, one model and one blogger each team. The bloggers had to promote their models and the team as a whole had to complete the given on-ground tasks and in between all the chaos, the sneaky little brand, American Swan introduced their amazing new Swimwear collection.

These three swimwear were my absolute favs, the pink one in the extreme left was modeled by Leena Vishwakarma who was later teamed up with me and I am so glad to get to know the amazing soul that she is behind the camera. No infamous model-like tantrums, funny, hard-working, owner of never-ending legs and a beautiful person inside out. I shot her for one of the on-ground tasks which you will all obviously get to know once the videos go live(and of course I will share them too), and the pictures came out so beautiful, I couldn't resist sharing them here!

Below's a grid of few of the pictures I shared on my Instagram Account during my 4 Day stay there...Click HERE to view their enlarged version :)

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Stay Fabulous!

Get Recharged with new Pond's Men Face ka Recharge!

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you already know about our little visit to Mumbai to attend the launch of Pond's new Men's collection. We flew out to the city that apparently never sleeps to attend this launch and for a much needed getaway from our day-to-day life! The fact that Varun Dhawan was the new face of the collection and he was also present at the event, was just a juicy ripe cherry on the cake! ;)

The event started off with the guests showing off their skills in the Gaming Zone set up right outside the event venue. We all had to score enough points/coffee beans to charge a life size battery and once the battery was fully charged, then only the event could start. It was so much fun playing all the games and winning coffee beans to fill the battery with and after a couple of hours, we did it! Meanwhile, Aman also played his hand in a few games and was one of the top scorers! 

Aman and two other top scorer bloggers got the chance to go on stage and meet Varun Dhawan and collect their prizes from him. It was actually a surprise and quite a good one, I must admit! Oh, how I wish I would have played a lil better and won this chance to meet Varun up close...**Sighs**

The new range by Pond's men contains coffee and promises to recharge and rejuvenate your skin every morning. So far, Aman is really liking these products and he is quite excited about a drugstore product being this good! And I am happy coz I got some geeky stuff for myself too in the gift boxes, i.e., pendrives and external phone chargers :D

So ladies, go get your guys these awesome products so they can finally stop stealing our moisturizers! :P

Blake Lively rules the red carpet at Cannes 2014

How many times have you wished you were Blake Lively? Well, for me, it has been innumerable number of times! I love this girl and have been crushing over her recent Cannes appearances. She killed it on Day 1, then she nailed it on Day 2 and then she nailed some more on Day 3. 

Day 1
Donning a floor length Gucci gown with a thigh high slit, Blake looked absolutely fierce on Day 1. If I had those toned long never-ending legs, I would opt for such sexy slits myself...
This color is probably her favorite (and rightfully so, she looks gorgeous in it!) coz I have noticed her in this color far too many times now. 

Day 2
This Chanel illusion dress wouldn't have looked better than this if Cinderella herself would have worn it. Blake wears this dress with perfection and I am loving her choice of hairdo, dreamy!

Day 3
Red Carpet Fashion had it's most fashionable moment when Blake wore this chic Black & White Gucci gown coz some things just look better in black and white. Looking like a lady with class and with her sexy husband on her arms, she could make any girl on this planet green with envy!

Stay Fabulous!
Blake Lover :P

The Big F! French Connection!!

Menswear Collection in French Connection

Colorblocked Maxi/Scarf/Clutch from French Connection

T-shirt/Jeans/Bag/Shirt from French Connection

T-shirt from French Connection

The embellished tees, the Polo tees, color blocking, prints, you name it and French Connection has it! Spring Summer'14 collection in French Connection is a myriad of prints and embellishments that is sure to win anyone over. I was personally sold on those big F embellished t-shirts. The moment you enter the store, there is a fresh breezy feeling that reminds you of Summer. Maybe it's the color palette of the new collection or the unbeatable prints, can't really put my finger on it but nonetheless, it's a lovely collection.

The color blocked maxi had me at first sight. It fitted perfectly and the vertical stripes gave an illusion of long never ending legs (and who are we kidding, every girl wants that!). Styled with monochrome floral scarf and clutch, it made for a perfect outfit for a day out shopping with your girlfriends or a romantic subtle first date. The second favorite for me has to be the grey embellished "F" t-shirt. The colors looked so vibrant and summery and the t-shirt is itself so easy to style! It would be a life-saver on those lazy days when you just don't wanna put any thought into your outfit, just pair up the t-shirt with a short skirt, a maxi, or some printed pants and you are good to go! Definitely a winner piece in my opinion.

What is your favorite piece from the whole collection? Do let me know in the comments below!


Bloom Sparkle Hunt

As far back as I can remember, Tanishq has been a name synonymous with jewellery. In my family, all the generations have been regular customers of this brand buying almost all of their jewellery from there. I felt like I might have outgrown this tradition but turns out, Tanishq is set to pull me back in by their new youthful range, Bloom, inspired from flowers. With the beautiful bold floral patterns and the unique diamond cuts, the collection has been tastefully crafted.

We visited the store last weekend to experience these delicate little beauties first hand. They look just as stunning as in the pictures, trust me. In fact more, if that is even possible! The whole collection is based on unique patterns of various flowers and the affordability of this range will have you drooling over to bag as many of these as possible. The collection ranges from Rs.25,000/- to Rs.2 lakhs. Beautiful floral diamond jewellery within this range, yes please! 

The lovely people over at Tanishq have very kindly offered diamond jewelleries to our readers! Yes, you read it right! You could win Bloom jewellery this weekend just chilling on your laptop sipping coffee...sounds too good to be true? I promise, it is! To participate in the Bloom Sparkle Hunt, all you have to do is guess the name of the flowers the designs in 2nd and 6th image are inspired from and leave a comment with the answers & your Email ID on the Tanishq blog. The reader who answers all questions in the treasure hunt wins Bloom jewellery! As simple as that! C'mon guys, make me proud and win yourself some bling!

P.S. - Follow Tanishq on Facebook & Twitter to know the rest of the steps.