American Swan Beauty & the Blogger! [Behind the Scenes]

As most of you must be knowing by now, I participated in a contest, Beauty and the Blogger sponsored by American Swan. The shooting was held in The Corinthians Resort and Club, Pune and it was scheduled for 4 days. Hosted by Cyrus Sahukar (who is a Laughing Riot btw!) and mentored by Anusha Dandekar and Miss Malini, the show is going to go live next week and you can see all the action happening for yourselves. Here are a few behind the camera shots for you!

There were 8 Bloggers and 8 Models who participated in the show and were teamed up in groups of two, one model and one blogger each team. The bloggers had to promote their models and the team as a whole had to complete the given on-ground tasks and in between all the chaos, the sneaky little brand, American Swan introduced their amazing new Swimwear collection.

These three swimwear were my absolute favs, the pink one in the extreme left was modeled by Leena Vishwakarma who was later teamed up with me and I am so glad to get to know the amazing soul that she is behind the camera. No infamous model-like tantrums, funny, hard-working, owner of never-ending legs and a beautiful person inside out. I shot her for one of the on-ground tasks which you will all obviously get to know once the videos go live(and of course I will share them too), and the pictures came out so beautiful, I couldn't resist sharing them here!

Below's a grid of few of the pictures I shared on my Instagram Account during my 4 Day stay there...Click HERE to view their enlarged version :)

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