Get Recharged with new Pond's Men Face ka Recharge!

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you already know about our little visit to Mumbai to attend the launch of Pond's new Men's collection. We flew out to the city that apparently never sleeps to attend this launch and for a much needed getaway from our day-to-day life! The fact that Varun Dhawan was the new face of the collection and he was also present at the event, was just a juicy ripe cherry on the cake! ;)

The event started off with the guests showing off their skills in the Gaming Zone set up right outside the event venue. We all had to score enough points/coffee beans to charge a life size battery and once the battery was fully charged, then only the event could start. It was so much fun playing all the games and winning coffee beans to fill the battery with and after a couple of hours, we did it! Meanwhile, Aman also played his hand in a few games and was one of the top scorers! 

Aman and two other top scorer bloggers got the chance to go on stage and meet Varun Dhawan and collect their prizes from him. It was actually a surprise and quite a good one, I must admit! Oh, how I wish I would have played a lil better and won this chance to meet Varun up close...**Sighs**

The new range by Pond's men contains coffee and promises to recharge and rejuvenate your skin every morning. So far, Aman is really liking these products and he is quite excited about a drugstore product being this good! And I am happy coz I got some geeky stuff for myself too in the gift boxes, i.e., pendrives and external phone chargers :D

So ladies, go get your guys these awesome products so they can finally stop stealing our moisturizers! :P