Fashion at the WIFW SS15!

Fashion Weeks have always been an object of curiosity for the common people who don't get to attend. I know because before I started blogging, I was also curious to attend the Will Lifestyle India Fashion Week and see what really goes inside. And yes, the fashion! Truth to be told, 80% of people wear the outfits that they couldn't to the supermarket or the mall or even to the movies with their non-fashion friends. It's like a fashion parade everywhere you look. It's not just the ramps and designers that the fashion weeks are made of, had there not been such fashionable and stylish people gracing these events, it would be a dull affair and would eventually lose it's charm.  

So, day 1 was quite short for me as I was not very well. I was going to skip it but glad I made the decision of at least going for a couple of hours coz it was totally worth it! I spotted few really stylishly dressed people and couldn't resist clicking them. 

Looking forward to what the rest of the days have in store for us! It's just the beginning...

This season, I am attending the WIFW as a guest of and Wills Lifestyle. If you don't know already, I am guest blogging for PopXo, check out my Profile HERE!

Stay chic!