Makeover featuring Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème

Women love their hair, don’t they? I love playing with my hair length, color, texture while still taking care of the quality and softness. I love to experiment with different hairstyles, cuts and color. One season I have long black straight hair, another season I have short wavy bob in a rich brown hue with subtle honey highlights. And now I have front fringes with rich reddish brown base color and copper and honey highlights.

Changing your hair is the best and easiest way to change up your look. My assistant Nisha wanted a makeover from some time now and we finally did it. Her requirement was change and improvement of her style so that she still feels like herself but a more confident and stylish self.

Nisha wanted a subtle hair colour while still maintaining the health of her hair, and if possible improving it too. Godrej Nupur has recently launched a new product that could just be the solution we are looking for – Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème!
Guess what! For the first time ever, Coconut oil comes together with Henna to give you the perfect hair colour in a superior crème format. It has 1\4th nourishing oil that gives healthy and beautiful hair. Now, this product is available in 4 lovely shades – Natural Black, Dark Brown, Natural Brown and Burgundy. We went for the Natural Brown shade and used only one packet for a subtle change in the hair color. You could use 2-3 packs of the same shade if you have longer hair and you want a more dramatic change of colour.


As for her makeup, we just added some lipcolour as Nisha doesn’t wear makeup at all but some colour on the lips was necessary. The major makeover was the hair as she went for a shorter haircut with side bangs that complement her a lot.

Now, I made her wear a loose white shirt that ends right below her hips. Changing the heels for a higher one definitely worked in her favor too and also, some color on your feet never hurt anybody!! The statement necklace was added for bling factor as well as to draw the attention up from the waist and thighs. So, you see, dressing for your body type can easily make you look and feel more confident and chic.


The result was a changed look with beautiful bouncy and shiny hair! What’s even better is that her hair actually feels nourished with the conditioning of Coconut & Henna. We added some curls to give the hair more volume and texture. I think the makeover turned out great, not very dramatic but something that Nisha is comfortable with. She is the happiest with her hair makeover, and has found the #ColourThatCares and I couldn’t agree more!

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