Sports Luxe

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{Jogger Pants/Necklace - Forever 21, Crop Top - Stalk Buy Love, Bag - Da Milano, Sunglasses - Aldo, Ring - Chic Accessorizer, Shoes - Intoto}

Always being a plump girl till a few months back, I ran away from this trend as I felt it made me look even more fat. I am all for being proud of your body and flaunting it no matter the size, I also feel you should dress according to your body type and what suits YOUR body. Crop tops, for example, never looked good on me before. Now that I have lost few kilos, it looks very flattering and I am so glad I got to wear crop tops this summer. I remember, I wanted to wear these so bad last year but no matter how I wore it, it just didn't look flattering! 

Today, we are going to be talking about the Sports Luxe trend. Much has been said about it already and few of my fellow bloggers have done exceptionally well flaunting this trend. This is just my take on the same. So, what is sports luxe? Well, to begin with, this trend is mostly about wearing pieces from your gym/workout/sports wardrobe in a glamorous way. Basically, incorporating these pieces into your daily lifestyle or maybe even for parties if you are daring enough, turning them into the ultimate versatile pieces or secret weapons in your closet for those days of crisis! You just need to be innovative enough. And add enough bling. 

It could be luxe joggers like I am wearing here, or an embellished bomber, or a printed sweatshirt. You can work around one of such pieces and create a look that is casual, comfy and cozy. Remember, always add a glamorous piece to the whole look and if you dare enough, some bling too. These sportswear inspired outfits are hardly meant for the gym so don't shy away from accessorizing. Now, go look into your closet, dig out your sportswear and then get to mixing and matching!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh