Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge #2



It's been a week since I started using Gillette Venus Razor and I thought I will do a quick update on my experience taking this challenge. Honestly, I have only used it twice in a week as the hair takes time to grow back, a couple of days at least. So far, my experience has been good, in fact better than when I used to use this razor few months back. I guess, it's the shaving gel that's helping me achieve better results because that is the only thing that's a new addition in my shaving routine. My skin doesn't feel dry or flaky at all, I even skipped body lotion on one day as I was in a hurry and I noticed that my skin was still soft and supple which is usually never the case. The protective cushioning of aloevera and vitamins on the razor must be given credits for that! 

One tip I will give you is to gently scrub your skin while in shower everyday to prevent any ingrown hair. Shaving doesn't usually causes ingrown hair as it cuts the hair right at the skin level so when the hair grows back, it doesn't grow inside the skin. But if you don't remove dead skin on a regular basis, it can cause the hair to grown back under the dead skin layer. If you keep this in mind, your skin will always be smooth and bump free.

I am looking forward to trying this product for a longer while now as it is hassle free and quick and it is giving me enough liberty to enjoy the last few days of summer!

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