Tanishq X Farah Khan on my Diwali Wishlist!

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Tanishq is a name synonymous with diamond and gold jewellery and I never think twice if I get a chance of visiting and reviewing the collection. This time around, I had the opportunity being a member of PopXo to have a closer look at the Tanishq X Farah Khan collection and it couldn't have happened at a more appropriate time. The season of festivals and weddings are upon us and it is about time that we save and invest in something sparkly. 

The collaboration is an exclusive range of fine jewelry crafted by ace designer Farah Khan Ali for India’s leading jeweler, Tanishq. Taking inspiration from all things Mughal and Persian – art, architecture, flora and fauna – the collection boasts of designs created with lots of passion and creativity. Sparkling sapphires, resplendent rubies, elegant emeralds and dazzling diamonds take the center stage in the Tanishq X Farah Khan Collection, and due credit is given to the inspiration by bringing these gemstones together in delicate designs. Using alluring forms and beautiful combination of colours, the designer brings to life artistic Persian ceilings and domes, intrinsic Mughal murals and motifs and graceful, elegant birds like peacocks and swans, thus marking a royal celebration of this magnificent era. A reflection of the designer artist’s soul, the range takes jewelry design to another level with its one-of-a-kind pieces. Ear jackets, between-the-finger rings, drop-down danglers and bangle bracelets, all inspired by the delicate artwork of the glorious period and using sparkling gemstones set in 18 carat yellow gold, truly set the Tanishq X Farah Khan Collection apart.

An exquisite play between colour and texture, the adornments from the collection can be paired with ethnic and western ensembles alike. The Tanishq Farah Khan Collection has something for “every woman, every occasion, and every mood.” This is only verified once entering the store in my workwear, I could still find pieces to compliment my outfit! Even before I could dwell upon pieces that could adorn my Diwali Wishlist, I was lost in a surreal colourful and sparkly world. Needless to say, the cocktail ring inspired by peacocks, with the big iolite set amidst tiny diamonds is on the top of my wishlist closely followed by the gorgeous danglers and the between-the-finger ring I wore in my second look. 

Jewellery is a weakness of any woman it is said, I like to think of it as a means of strength. Diamond jewellery represents a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants and there's nothing sexier than a confident woman. 

Find the Tanishq X Farah Khan collection HERE and find the store nearest to you HERE

Workwear Outfit: {Jumpsuit/Blazer - Forever 21, Bag - Michael Kors, Shoes - Intoto}
Indianwear outfit: {Kurti with wide pants - Zoraya, Shoes - Tresmode}

Makeup: Sakshi Malik
Styling/Content: Srish