Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge #1

Not a long while back, I attended a Blogger's Meet hosted by Gillette Venus. Although I have restricted myself to attending very few events, this one appealed to me as I have recently been on the lookout for various methods of hair removal and to find out the best one suitable for my skin. I had been using Gillette Venus razor past whole year but as I entered 2015, I decided to stick to waxing only because waxing is said to be the better option and shaving comes with so many myths. While the in-between waxing session time has started to get me really frustrated, this event came as a reminder as to how much I used to love my Venus razor. 

Brand ambassador Kriti Sanon along with Dr.Rashmi Shetty and our favorite makeup guru Namrata Soni were present at the event and they themselves shared their experiences with shaving. Apparently, these three ladies stick to shaving their body hair and they swear by Gillette Venus razor, they say it's hassle free, quick and painless method of hair removal. I find it a little hard to believe that Kriti Sanon, who needs to have the perfect skin all the time and probably on a time crunch being an actress, would stick to shaving her hair(not to mention, it's almost impossible to shave your back torso). I mean, she might but then again with all that money she is earning, wouldn't it be easier to just get laser hair removal done. Who am I to judge though, I have myself been trying to save up for laser for so long but to no use. 


In the goodie bag or more like the goodie basket, we received the much talked about Gillette Venus razor, along with a pack of extra blades and their Satin Care shaving gel. We were also given an option to take up a 30 day challenge called "Subscribe to Smooth" where I won't be using any other hair removal methods except the Venus razor. I am taking up this challenge starting today, so no waxing and no hair removal creams for a month. Let's see how this goes! You are also welcome to join in! Just buy one Gillette Venus razor, you should anyways have one in your toiletries kit for emergencies and this is by the far the best one Indian market has to offer, the blade that it comes with should easily last you a month and we can discuss each week what is the progress, advantages, disadvantages, etc of shaving!


Few pointers on how to shave right (according to the expert Dr.Rashmi Shetty):
1. Use razors that are especially meant for women's hair removal purpose and always avoid using men's razor as they are much sharper and have no gel cushioning which can lead to irritated skin.
2. While shaving, keep the skin taut so that only the hair is shaved and not the skin.
3. Avoid shaving on dry skin. Either wet your skin or ideally, use shower gel, hair conditioner or shaving gel for a closer and smoother shave.
4. Use a good moisturiser after the shave to calm your skin.

Now, we also received 5 flashcards in the goodie basket which talked about the 5 myths related to shaving and I will be debunking one myth in each post.