Welcoming Fall with Layers

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{Pants/Long Shirt - Zara, Crop Top - Forever 21, Bag/Watch - Michael Kors, Brooch - Reynu Taandon, Shoes - Tresmode}

Being a fashion blogger has more to it than it seems. I have had many girls ask me in past few months that how I started blogging and how I made a career out of it. While it is good to see bloggers being recognised as influencers and being idolised by so many in the society, what saddens me is that almost every girl who comes forward with a query about blogging wants to know how to contact PRs and how to make money. While I have addressed this issue in the past, it is about time that I answer all those questions once and for all.

Blogging is not a primary means of earning money for me, I am not going to deny that I do earn for all the effort I put into shoots and writing, etc. but I don't necessarily depend on social media as my full time job. I have tried it though for a couple of months and while it worked out great, I do love a stable income and for that I work as a stylist with an ecommerce company. Anyways, the point is, the moment I started working as a full time professional blogger, it started to feel like work. I have always blogged out of passion and my love for fashion. The day it became my full time job, it started to overwhelm me with all the running around, attending events, meetings and what not. I felt that I had to post not because I wanted to at that particular moment, but because I had to...which I did not like one bit. And for those who wants to start a fashion blog, know that it should be your passion to explore fashion world and not your passion for easy money. If money is the reason you start a blog, you will be disappointed because it is not easy money. It would be easier to get a job and have a fixed income than start from scratch, build up your blog and market it, schedule meetings and shoots, edit images, videos, write the content, cross promote on social media, etc etc. I have had days when I finished my work by 3am and woke for an early shoot at 6. I do not mind it coz I love doing it! But if you want to earn money, you will be bitter and despise the time you are spending doing these things and not getting proper rest or sleep. So, be honest to yourself and follow your dreams, not money for only the dreams you can loose sleep over is worth chasing.