Calvin Klein Jeans SS13 Collection Review

The New Spring Summer 2013 Collection at the Calvin Klein Store has a fresh summer color palette. The colors range from cool blues, tangy corals to soothing and pure whites. Now, without boring you all with all the technical terms and descriptions about the collection [which none of you are interested in  either ways :P], let me introduce you to the best and my favorite pieces from the collection.

To be very honest, for girls, there is not much to select from. The womenswear collection hardly takes up 1/4th of the whole store. But, that is good news for men! The collection for men is huge! And if any of you girls wanna buy your dad or your sweetheart a present, CKJ is the place you go to, trust me I know how difficult it is to shop for men. Earlier this week, I was trying to find a gift for my mom and dad for their anniversary and while there were a 100 ideas rushing in my mind for gift ideas for mom, there was hardly 2-3 ideas for dad. Had I visited CKJ before buying gifts for them, I would have definitely picked something from there. 

Anyways, coming back to the womenswear collection. The collection is limited but there are some really good pieces which I would advise not to miss; like the city printed white shorts..very very cute! The picture of those shorts didn't come out well (but then all of the pictures didn't come out that well either...the store lightening sucked for our camera) but be sure to check them out if you visit the store. 

I styled a couple of outfits using few of my favorite pieces from the new collection!

Outfit No.1


These ankle length white pants fits like a boss! I have never been confident enough to wear white pants coz one, they are high maintenance and two, they make you look fat. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on this pair on Aman's suggestion. They actually make you look taller and leaner. And that silver color running down the side seams adds that extra something. I like the simplicity of this outfit, it looks chic yet comfortable. You can wear this outfit if you are going shopping, or to grab a bite with friends, or golfing with your man, or just roaming around the city. 

{T-shirt/ Pants/ Bag - CKJ, Shoes - U.S, Cuff - Forever 21}

Outfit No.2


This outfit I loved! The gold pants are a must-have for every party girl! And the top has a feminine and soft silhouette and is quite versatile to style. The whole outfit looks glam and sexy but in a easy breezy way. You can wear this outfit to house parties, dinner, shopping, etc. 

{Top/ Gold Jeans - CKJ, Shoes - U.S, Cuff/ Rings - Forever 21, Necklace - Stradivarius, Clutch - Kunst}

Overall, the collection is good and few pieces are outstanding. My favorite pieces are the pants from the collection, they all are excellent. I guess, Calvin Klein Jeans is the name of the brand coz they really do pay attention to their jeans ;)