The story behind my Floral Shorts!

{Shorts/ Shoes/ Bag - H&M, Tank Top - Mango, Shirt - Asos, Necklace/ Cuff - Stradivarius, Ring - Forever New}

The weather is heating up and it's high time to whip out all those shorts and flaunt them in all their glory. They are easy to style and super comfortable at this (Global Boiling) point. These shorts are one of my absolute favourites and occupies a special place in my heart. I got them from H&M on the trip I took to Milan last year.
There's a little story behind the whole thing. See, H&M is big in Milan the same way Zara is in India. You can find at least 10 H&M stores in the city. I got these same shorts in a different print from the H&M I visited regularly during my two weeks stay there. The next day after I purchased the other shorts, I was walking down chatting and laughing with my friends when suddenly a cute petite girl walks by in the same shorts I had purchased earlier but in a much fun and prettier floral print! I immediately want it! What do I do? I start stopping by every H&M in the city and look for that one floral print shorts, two days after I wore my pretty new floral print shorts [Click HERE to see] to classes and was a happy little girl :D

Moral of the story: Always go after what you really love and never settle for anything less!