Of Pouts and Stripes!

{T-shirt - Asos, Pants - Lifestyle, Necklace - Youshine, Clutch - H&M, Flats - Stradivarious}

Red Pout. Oh! How I feared thee! I tried and tried and failed, you never looked good on me, never the perfect crimson for my guise. I went through tubes of shades, darker, lighter, matte or glossy. Nada! Giving up hope was beyond me so I kept my eyes wired open for that one perfect red tint that was meant to be. And would you believe it when I say I have found it? After years of looking (and thousands of money down the drain) my heart stopped and skipped a beat or two when I tried this shade on. The almost pinkish neon red, very me, matte and non fussy, pops out perfectly and makes that pout look perfect. The Maybelline 14 Hour Stay Lipstick in "Non-Stop Red" is a color I have been wearing non-stop. I have it in my purse no matter where I go. Who knows when you might need a little glamming up to do. And what better could serve the purpose than a hot red lip shade!

This outfit post has been long overdue. It was the Finale Day at WIFW and I could not decide what to wear. Comfort is the top priority for me during Fashion Weeks so I was not going to wear that new pretty tube top or those skinny trousers I had picked up a few weeks ago. So, could it be a dress, simple yet dressy...or a just a pair of jeans with an over-sized shirt and statement necklace or may be some printed pants dressed up with a tailored blazer. No. I was not going for the easy option. So, I borrowed this striped T-shirt from our dear A who has recently bought it off Asos. I wanted to use some citrus spring colors and make the outfit as loud as possible, yet keeping it classy. One of my favorite outfits if I am being honest.