Must Have pieces for Summer

Women love shopping and I am no exception. I can shop every single day if given a chance. And money.  But the thing is, during summer, I hate stepping out of the comfort of my home (read air conditioning) and physically make the effort of driving all the way to the mall in this hot and humid weather. So, how do I shop? What do I do stay stylish all summer long? Simple. Online Shopping babe. I swear, I am not even exaggerating; I don’t remember when I shopped from a real store last time coz online shopping is so much more convenient and easy. No standing in queue for trial rooms or for paying, no rushing to grab the last piece left on the rack and stepping on someone’s toes. Or worst, getting stepped on.

I have been researching on few must haves for the season, ordering them online and basically stocking up on all the key pieces and trends that I have been loving.

While surfing through the huge collection online and somewhere in between being mind blown by it, I decided to create few pin boards for you guys and make it easier for you to shop and decide what all you want and what all you need.

White Out
{Left to Right: Nun, French Connection, Mohr, Femella, Only}

White screams summer, who agrees with me? I bet you all do. White is the best option while day dressing or even night dressing. The color looks fab for one, and it keeps you cool and fresh! I have myself been stocking up on white dresses, shirts, t-shirts and denims! It is a must have for this season. Be it a shift dress, palazzo pants, crop top or what you feel flatters you the most, be sure to stock up on lots of white and you could also try the super chic white on white trend. An all white outfit might sound intimidating at first but it can make you look very trendy if done correctly.


These are few of the must have solid color pieces. Easy to style, these will be your best friends all year long. Throw on a printed scarf or do some color blocking, there are just so many ways to wear a solid color garment. My personal favorite is the chambray shirtdress in the middle and the blue maxi shirtdress in the far right corner. These are few key pieces that one must have in their wardrobe. If you have few very flattering solid pieces, you will never feel the need to say, ‘I don’t have anything to wear!’

{Clockwise: Vero Moda, Elle, Danny Daze, Pavers England, Quirk Box, Vero Moda, Tokyo Talkies, Tokyo Talkies Shorts, French Connection, G Studio, Lavie, G Studio}

And of course, life would be so boring without prints! Playful, flirty prints during Summers, what’s not to love about them. Pair them with solid color pieces or if you are feeling more daring, go for a full print on print look, nothing trendier than that. My favorite part is the printed shoes! There are so many options to choose from if you are looking for printed shoes which is usually very difficult to find on other websites and stores. I am a major print lover and trust me, wearing some bright and attention grabbing prints can do wonders for your confidence level. Go for smaller prints if you are on the larger side and wear big floral or abstract prints if you are on the leaner side. Also, for bigger body types, I would suggest avoiding horizontal stripes as they can make you look broader than you possibly are.

For Your Men
{Clockwise: Puma, Joe Black, Glitters, Lombard, Basics, Locomotive}

And of course, if we are shopping for must haves, how can we forget the men in our life! Be it your brother, father, husband, boyfriend, best friend or any special guy you would like to treat, we have it all covered. Reflective sunglasses are very in this season and they look oh-so-hot on men! Linen shirts in pastel colors are definitely something every guy should have in their closet. I can say that from personal experience, there’s nothing classier than a guy in a soft hue linen shirt! Apart from these key pieces, white slippers, polo t-shirts and some cool kicks are the must haves this season for guys!

Shop Shop!