We are always on the hunt for cool online shopping websites and this one is a find worth sharing!

LimeRoad is a delightful discovery platform for online shopping that curates gorgeous collections of Fashion & Lifestyle for women. You can shop 50,000 products and 75,00,000+ looks of which nearly 80% are exclusive, and not available anywhere else. 

The LimeRoad Scrapbook is a tool that let's women (and men) mix & match products to create 'looks'. Today, 30,000+ scrapbookers from across 22 states & 138 big and small cities of India have created more than 75 LAC looks!  From a chartered accountant in Ahmedabad, to a software engineer from Delhi; a medical student from Kaithal (Haryana), an English teacher in Trichy (Tamil Nadu) and a fashion designer in Pune - The LimeRoad Scrapbook has become a platform where they can fearlessly express their individual style. 

Browsing through this website has always been a habit during my leisure hours and imagine my delight when I was offered a chance to be a member of their Style Council! The LimeRoad Style Council is a select group of powerful style icons and influencers who inspire and support the Scrapbook Community. With members like Neha Dhupia and Rina Walia, it's an honour to be considered influential enough to be on the same platform! I have since been hooked on this website creating looks and mixing and matching different options, it's the perfect platform to practice your styling skills.



These are few of the looks that I have created till now. To see more looks created by me, click HERE and also, you guys can also create your own looks and share with me on Twitter and Instagram! [Sign up HERE]. There are a thousand of products to choose from be it dresses, jumpsuits, t-shirts, accessories, anything practically. Apart from creating looks, you can also create inspiration boards which will help you get ready on the days when you are not really feeling like putting a lot of thought into your look. I have been doing that a lot, guilty as charged! So, go ahead and create, share and shop on Limeroad! Have fun!!