Fitness Series: Week 1 - Gym Gear Shopping

As a fashion blogger, I have always felt a certain need to look right and eat healthy. While most of the times you will catch me grabbing lunch at Nutritious Nation, Brown Sugar or Subway, there have been plenty number of times I have given into my sweet tooth cravings. The beginning of the year always burdens me with the holiday weight. Many Birthdays including mine, New Year, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, etc makes sure that I ring in the new year with few extra kilos. And due to the weather and layers of clothes, nothing shows and I can get away with it all. But, the Summers are here now and EVERY.BITE.SHOWS!

I have been in search of a good gym nearby my home but haven't been able to find time from my busy schedule till now. But lately, I have realized that I would never find time until and unless I make time for myself. I am hoping this would not be temporary and it would be more of a lifestyle change. I have found a gym which is hardly 10 minutes walking distance from my home and it has all the amenities I was looking for along with Steam room and Sauna. I will be joining from April 1st and I want to document this new journey and share it with you all so that if any of you need motivation, tips or any kind of help, I might be of some use. Moresoever, it will help me be motivated as I have made a commitment in front of  you all about documenting the improvement. 

So, the first step was obviously finding the right gym. Next comes, finding the right gym gears. I was in luck and Forever 21 recently started storing Gym gears in their stores. I got my trackpants and a couple of t-shirts from there only. Now, I like to wear fitted clothes in gym as they are safer than loose pajama style trackpants which have a higher risk of getting caught in treadmill leading to embarrassing situations. And while you can go for sweat-proof t-shirts from Nike, Adidas, etc, I opted for regular cotton t-shirts coz I feel more comfortable in them. 

Forever 21


While one can opt for cotton t-shirts, it's always a good idea to wear good sports innerwear. I went for the best one they had available over at Nike (click HERE) and made sure it was a good fit. It offers extra support and it's made with sweat-wicking fabric ideal for high impact workouts like cardio, cross-training, running, etc. I also got my sport shoes from Nike on Aman's recommendation and it's very comfortable. I liked another pair which were prettier but were only meant for training, not running. So, I chose these black shoes with lilac trims which are great for running as well as training. And finally, to top it all off, I got a gym bag from Nike again (no sponsorship here). I am pretty excited about starting the gym from tomorrow! Watch this space as I will be updating it regularly. 

Stay fit & fabulous!


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