10 Wearable Fall/Winter 2013 Trends

We can certainly feel a slight nip in the air and I haven't felt the need to use Air Conditioning for past few days. Is Fall creeping in on us already?
No wait, the more appropriate question is, are we properly armed with the right clothes and accessories for the season no matter when it be-Fall-s us?

Worry not coz we have compiled 10 Fall 2013 Trends for you which are wearable and super easy to style! 

1. Shades of Green
Emerald being the Pantone color of the year, it is no shock that the hottest colors to wear this Fall/Winter are hues of our dear Emerald family. Olive Green, Military Green, Emerald and various other deep mysterious shades are going to be at play next few months. Wear them as accents and hints in your outfit or go bold with all over green, wear chunky heels in this hue or a statement necklace, you are one hundred percent guaranteed to be on trend and fabulous!

What did I hear you asking? What about Burgundy?
Oh Darling, that's so last season!

2. 50 Shades of Grey
No really, if there are in fact 50 shades of this evergreen color then they are all right on trend this Fall. They were spotted on the runway all over the world be it Paris, India, New York or Milan! Ranging from soft pastel greys to dark and daring almost blackish grey, this color is another hot trend to sport this season. The designers went back to the basics and I was kinda expecting this with monochrome being the biggest trend for Summer/Spring. It is hence proved, basics are basics and no fads like neons and pastels can replace them forever.

3. Classic Prints and Patterns
Tired of the same florals, abstract, digitized over-the-top prints? The designer have gone old school not only with the colors but also the print and patterns. Classic patterns like the Houndstooth, Plaid, Leopard, Pinstripes, etc were spotted on the runways and they will be big this Fall/Winter. So, instead of stocking up on those fancy schmancy prints, go for classics this season.

4. Statement Coats
While going through all the Fall/Winter '13 collection, the one piece that stood out the most was Statement Coat. In hues of Grey, Emerald, beige and bearing all classic patterns, they verified and reflected the previous three trends we talked about. These outerwear were in all shapes and volume imaginable and will take your outfit from simple to fab. Visit Zara and Mango if you willing to invest in a classic statement outerwear.

5. Texture Blocking
The famous Color Blocking trend from past few seasons takes an interesting turn with Textures. This season, it's not about blocking the colors so much as blocking different textures. Mixing leather with suede or sequins with fur, all sorts of different textures will be at play this season. Easiest way to sport the trend could be wearing a silk slouchy pants with knitted pullover and adding a leather jacket to toughen up the look.

6. Whites
This no-brainer and easy to assemble at any price trend is one of the trends that made the strongest impression during the Fall/Winter '13 shows. Winter whites are the most chic trend on the chart and you can easily sport it if you are not afraid of wearing whites. 

7. Candy Coated
While the neons and color blocking trends have bid adieu to the Fashion scenario, the pastels still holds it's ground tall and strong. Mostly spotted on outerwear, this trend comes in all hues of pretty, soft colors. Adding at least one piece of such a beauty just feels like the right thing to do!

8. Folk-Inspired
These folk-inspired pieces have a comfortable and classic feel to them. with slight modern spin, these hand worked motifs will be perfect addition to your closet this season and will add more character and interest to your outfit. You can easily spot such pieces over at Zara, Forever 21 and such other stores who retail high street fashion.

9. Beanies
Headgears are really big this fall. While beanies stood out as the star accessory, caps, cloche hats and baseball hats also made appearances throughout the shows. They give you complete head to toe look and not to mention they are practical, affordable and cute! 

10. Slouchy Pants
It's officially time to give rest to the loud-pattern cropped pants and slip into a pair of more comfortable and easy to style slouchy pants. The season's must-have pants are looser and far more subdued. High waisted and narrow at ankles is what you should be looking at while buying these pieces. Pair it with heels and clutch and you are as chic as they can get this Fall/Winter '13!!

All these trends are wearable and practical and you can easily style them. Stock up on these trendy pieces and look like a pretty picture of Fall 2013 yourself! Good Luck!

Stay Fabulous!