Playing it up with the basics!

{Shirt - Ann Taylor, Jeggings - Local Boutique, Necklace - Forever 21, Bag - Java Plum, Shoes - Zara}

Even a simple shirt and trousers could be just as chic and sexy as a maxi dress would be. In my earlier post featuring the silk shorts I talked about how I wore that outfit for a meeting and a reader left a comment asking for something more office appropriate. Well, since I was going in for a casual meeting regarding blog purposes and the day being super hot, the outfit was appropriate in my opinion. But, I understand that would not be the situation for the most of you! So, I took upon this challenge and styled a simple office appropriate outfit(kinda semi-formal) and I do plan to style one more outfit for the offices with strict formals dress code.

This look features an abstract print shirt paired with jeggings. Now, since the jegging fabric is not denims, it could pass for semi-formals. I have always worked in places which require no formals at all and jeggings have always been my go to option. They are more comfortable than denims for long hours and they fit great! People working in Fashion magazines, export houses, fashion houses, or at their own boutiques or enterprise can easily carry this look in multiple ways! It is that simple. It amazes me how we always keep going back to basics and they never ever fail us. You just need to add your personality to the basics and you would shine through the crowd. In my case, I added heels, threw my hair up in simple casual updo and added a bright lipstick that would make it up for the dark palette of my outfit. I like how the lips brighten up the whole look and make it Summer appropriate. You all can also restyle this simple shirt and pants/jeggings combo and add your personal touch to the look! And if you do, I would love to see! Share the pictures with me on Instagram, tag me by the username @StyleFashionEtc and I will check out the pictures :)

Stay chic!