Hits and Misses: Bags and Shoes

{Top - Zara, Pants - Monsoon, Shoes/Necklace/Ring - Forever 21, Bag - Java Plum}

My love for shopping online keeps me bumping into interesting new brands and one of my recent finds is a brand called Java Plum. I have been wanting to invest in a pure leather bag for a while now, I was actually bored of my everyday bags which are usually black or tan in color. I also tend to gravitate more towards structured bags but I needed something in a softer hue and slouchy silhouette for the summers. They are easier to carry on the shoulders and you do not always have to carry them on your arms which is a pain while shopping. I came across this website which is apparently a new and upcoming Leather Studio. The thing that I was most excited about was their free return policy. If I didn't liked my purchase, I could send back the bag immediately. I needed to feel the leather and see the quality of the bag and I was really impressed with not only their quality and finish but with their quick service as well. I felt like I needed to share this with all of you as there are very few brands out there who provide excellent service.

The leather is Italian and great attention has been paid to the design and quality of materials and craftsmanship. The leather has a gorgeous texture, look and feel. And the design is chic, stylish yet functional. It fits upto 12 or 13 inch laptop which is perfect for me and the bag that I have chosen has a bright fuschia lining! It looks pretty inside out! And that's not even the best part, it has a key hook so that I do not have to go through the frustration of rummaging for my keys! That is honestly my favorite part. This is a feature I use all the time. I have not taken out my keys from the hook since I started using the bag, and every time I am about to leave my home, I just take out the keys, while it is still attached to the hook, lock the doors and flip it back in. So convenient! The leather has an oil-tanned finish that allows the natural character of the leather to show through and has a soft silken feel. It is also water-resistant which came in handy last night when I had to make a run for it in a sudden outburst of nature [That being said, leather should anyway not be drenched in water]. It also comes with a pink, black and red canvas strap which would be perfect to liven up any dull outfit. I will whip out those babies the next time I am wearing a monochrome outfit! I can just go on and on about this bag, I am so in love with it. I am rarely this impressed by the quality of a product and have been carrying it everywhere! It's funny how it complements every single of my everyday outfits. Guys, do check out this brand if you are looking to buy a new bag, here is the link to the website - Java Plum, and the bag I bought - Canvas Strap Bag.

I wore this outfit for a movie and lunch. I would admit though, I wore the heels just for the shoot this time. I just could not wait to wear these beauties and I am SO glad I did because I got to know during the shoot that these are not as sturdy as they look. The ankle strap did not hold at all. They came off more than seven times on plain ground during the shoot only and let's not even talk about stairs! I am really disappointed in these and especially because I got them in two colors. I guess I will be taking them back to the store to return, such a shame for such gorgeous shoes! Letting you guys know so that you also don't get tricked by the their beauty. Damn! I should have listened to Aman when he told me to get just one pair first. Anyhow...

Stay Fabulous!