Make your ripped denims look classy & chic!

{ Ripped Denims - DIY, Sweatshirt/Rings - Forever 21, Necklace - Zara, Shoes -, Clutch -, Cuff - H&M}

I have always loved my ripped denims and shorts. There is something about these ragged old pieces that appeals to the child in me and the stylist in me always wants to style these with their contrast counterparts. Giving a torn/ripped denims a chic twist is a challenge in itself. And whenever I come even close to this word, the Barney Stinson in me makes a lil noise in my head saying "Challenge Accepted!".

I paired the denims with a printed sweatshirt from Forever 21, I usually am not a fan of sweatshirts (Neither am I big on sweatpants, but that's besides the point!) but this print really caught my eye. With a classic color combination and the print, it looked like a work of art. I knew it on the first sight that I will be pairing it up with some pearls and ripped denims. I have worn this sweatshirt with a maxi skirt, shorts, pegged trousers, bodycon dress and what not! And it has always taken the outfit a notch up, I love this darn piece of heaven!

Stay Chic!