Talking Tuesday!

Hey guys! We are starting a new series from today called Talking Tuesday! 

We always receive numerous emails asking about fashion, makeup and hair advice, sometimes on Facebook and Instagram also. We try to reply to as many of you as possible and while that suggestion helps you, it can also help others! So we thought, why not answer all your queries at one platform where it is visible to everyone else as well and maybe they can also benefit from the same!

So, from today onwards, you can all submit your queries to us on the following Google Form:

All you have to do is to click on the link above, write your name, select the categories for your query and ask anything you want! You can do this anonymously also if you don't feel comfortable with everyone knowing your query. 

We will answer the queries every Tuesday here on Talking Tuesday Series. We promise, we will be punctual this time and will try to answer everyone. But, please try and submit your queries in the form only and not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It will get difficult for us to compile every question from every platform and your question may get left out which we don't want to happen. We will still try to compile everything together but we will prefer if you fill the form instead! 

Talking Tuesday1

We are so very excited to start this series and interact with all of you and get to know each other a little better! We hope you all are excited too!! :D