Animalistic Character: The Latest Trend around the block!

The ever so famous animal print trend seems to be dying out as neons are taking over it's place. But, the love for animals won't die just as easily in the fashion world it seems. Not that I am complaining! On the contrary, I am on hunt for pieces with all kinds of animals on them! All I have got my hands on are jewellery with bull's and lion's head but it's just a matter of time when all the high street stores starts stocking up on these trendy clothing pieces.

The print is gone but the head prevails. These sometimes cute, sometimes terrifying faces are seen in various fashion shows and on various celebs as well as bloggers all over the world!



You can find clothing pieces like such in stores like Forever 21,, etc. Accessories like bags, caps, jewellery, shoes etc with animal heads on them are doing rounds in almost all the blogs these days. Get you hands on these super trendy pieces soon!