Nupur Creatives: Handmade Personalized Gifts for your loved ones (Discount Coupons!)

I remember introducing my very creative sister to you all in one of my previous posts. Well, here's a whole post dedicated to her today as lately I have been very very impressed with her work and I wanted to have her creativity presented in front of as many people as possible. 

Nupur is one of the super talented budding artists from Mumbai who has a knack for everything creative. Be it handmade cards, crafts, scrapbooks, cupcakes, painting, sketching, digital painting, just about anything...she is really really good!! Of Course, it's not possible for one person to take up every talent as a career so she had to choose something she was best at (I disagree though, she is best at everything I mentioned above!) and she very humbly chose crafts. What started off with handmade quilled cards, bookmarks, etc is now today "Nupur Creatives", a full fledged successful business of all things crafts. She has come up with several innovative ideas and made them all come to life with such an elegant beauty and finesse.

Few of my favorites from her collection has to be the interactive scrapbooks, photo-flipbooks, and the Explosion boxes. Currently, she is working on Explosion boxes for the occasion of Rakshabandhan, have a look below!

These explosion boxes feature 4 lacey pockets on all four inner walls of the box and each of them holds the Rakshabandhan essentials along with a cute tag where you can write a personal message. The Red one retails for Rs.600/- and the purple one along with an extra gift box is for Rs.1200/-. They can be personalized also and the prices vary for all custom orders. You can customize anything to your liking: the color, texture, design, theme, message, etc. 

Now, she is collaborating with us to offer a generous discount of 20% on the first 20 orders. All you have to do is like her Facebook Page and use the coupon code "SFE20" while placing your order. You can also place order for any other items like scrapbook or photo-flip book which you feel will make a great gift for Rakshabandhan and if you are among the first 20 customers, you will get a discount of 20%! To view all of her collection and more detailed pictures of the goodies, you can checkout any of her social media platforms:

Hurry and place your order soon to get a discount of 20%!!