Happy looks good on you!

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{Shirt - Forever 21, Denims - H&M, Sequinned Jacket - RenaLove, Necklace - Zara, Clutch - Accessorize, Shoes - Intoto}

I have recently been duelling with the idea of everyone possessing a dual personality. One they wear as a mask in social settings and the other that resides behind that mask. And the sad part is, it is inevitable in the world we live in where buying shoes matter more than donating money for the needy. We look the other way when a beggar knocks on our car windows on a traffic signal. But spend hours in front of the idiot box called a TV staring at the materialistic actors who portray fake emotions for our entertainment. We create a fake social world inside our smartphones when a true friend is sitting right beside you wanting to talk in real time, face to face. Every year, as December begins, I start reflecting on the year that passed by us, slipped through our fingers in a blur. What good did we do in this one year, how closer are we to our goal, and how many true friends were made who do not only talk through texts but spend real quality time with you, beside you. 

It's about time I made some real changes in my life for a better tomorrow. Call it new year resolutions or whatever you may like, but these changes are necessary. I want to live life more fully, not worrying about petty things, being happy and satisfied with what I have and being thankful for the amazing people in my life. I would earnestly suggest you all take a minute to think back on how you spent last year, what all you could have done to make it better and what are you gonna do about it now. Live a real life, don't be fake or pretentious, give love and support to your friends and family, say what you feel and do whatever you want to do passionately. No regrets!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Vaibhav Sachdeva
Location: The Perfect Location, Faridabad