Fuschia and Orange + Closeup DA Instasmile!

{T-shirt/Necklace - Forever 21, Shorts - H&M, Blazer - Choies, Bag - c/o Etre, Sandals - Mango}

It's been a month since I posted an outfit on the blog. My life was upside down and I hardly had time or energy to switch on my laptop and write something/anything. Though the month was stressful and hectic, I am happy as it was all for the best. I got a new job and in a field that I wanted and I got a new place to live which I love! It's like my own little den and most of my time these days goes into decorating this little place of mine. It will take another month or so to finish the decor but I am very excited. I remember the happiness and satisfaction I got when I finished decorating my last place after 3 months of moving in. There's nothing like it! And yes, the new job! I am working now as a fashion stylist for Pernia's Pop Up Shop! The office is great and the people there are super nice and sweet. It's been a little over two weeks since I joined and over 3 weeks since I moved in. I am quite settled down now and much more at ease. I plan to devote more time to blogging now and also, I am planning something new which many of you guys have been requesting for. Guess guess? It should be ready to be introduced by the beginning of next month and I cannot wait to tell you all about it! 

On another note, how amazing is the weather these days! It's raining (which I usually hate!) and feels like Summer is gonna bid goodbye soon and Fall is my favourite!! Ah! Can't waittttt!!! And hey, did I tell you guys, I started driving! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had been taking driving lessons from Aman. And now I have got my Learning Licence and I drive to my office everyday myself, all alone! I feel so proud, may sound a little silly as the whole world drives but trust me guys, I could never drive anything. Literally, not even roller skates or bicycle :|

P.S. - The Closeup Video that I worked on last month is out now! And I am also in the advertisement of Closeup Diamond Attraction in Filmfare and Femina(September Issue)! Super exciting!

You can read all about this collaboration and get a chance to win a feature shoot with Femina magazine HERE! Be the fabulous self you are and don't ever shy away from coming into the limelight...Good luck!