Chanel Haul

Who doesn't love a little bit of luxury every now and then? After months of getting rigorously stretched too thin between work, blogging and travelling, I felt it was only fair to treat myself a little. And as I have confessed in my previous post of Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer review, Chanel is my guilty pleasure. I know it is too costly, but sometimes I like to splurge on it. Plus, the quality is great. Especially while buying this brand, I never have to worry about it being worth the money because it always turns out to be. Worth the money. 

After going through the stress of moving and starting a whole new job, it kinda started showing on my skin. I felt my skin was a little dry and it had lost it's glow. A major reason could be that I had not been working out for quite some time and also not getting enough sleep or paying attention to my skin. I was using all Clinique skin regime at that time but couldn't really blame it taking the circumstances into consideration. I shall review those products as well, I guess. Anyways, not wandering off the point! The same day I went to the mall and picked up some goodies from Chanel. I had heard good things about their Hydra Beauty Creme so I decided to get that. The SA at the store also recommended the same one for my skin type and concern. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I really do see the difference. I will review the product once I have used it for a couple of months at least so that I can be aware of all the pros as well as cons, if there are any. 

While I was at the store, I looked through their beauty range [As I always do *rolling eyes*] and spotted a couple of beautiful lipstick shades. They were too gorgeous to not try them on at least and even though I was planning to get one of these two colors, I just couldn't pick one! They were both so gorgeous and I was in love with the colors, the packaging, everything really! They glided like butter on my lips and left them moisturized and tinted in the most loveliest of pink hues! I ended up getting both of them *guilty grin* and I absolutely love love love them both. If you are at the mall, do go to the store and at least try them on, the shades are "Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color in 60 Triomphe" and "Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Color in 136 Melodieuse". They are a pleasure to wear! I will swatch them both for you guys if you want. 

That's all for now! Good night!