Biba Store Visit + Collection Review

The festive season is closing in on us and like me, probably all of you are looking for some pretty Indian wear outfits. Shopping for a casual garment especially Western wear is always easy and affordable but when you go out to buy Indian wear outfits, it's hard not to break the bank! Well, there's one place where you can find designer and absolutely beautiful Indian wear this season and that place ladies and gentlemen, is Biba!

Last time I had visited a Biba store was probably 2 or 3 years back when I needed to buy formal wear for my business college. I hated wearing trousers and formal shirts and ditched them for easy wear kurti tops. However, this time when I visited the store, I was honestly stunned by the collection! The riot of colors! The Rohit Bal collaboration! Oh, where do I even begin!

The collection is based on themes and each themes dictate the prints, colors and silhouettes of the pieces in that particular collection. The one I liked the most was "The Rockstar" with myriad of beautiful and funky prints. Then there is a festive wear collection and I fell absolutely in love with a black and red piece from this one(pictures to follow). And the most exciting section? The Rohit Bal for Biba collection. The anarkalis are beautiful and the prints and embroidery so-very-Rohit. And so so affordable! The one I liked was a blue and cream anarkali which is also featured on the front cover of the catalog, it was priced somewhere near Rs.9000/-. That is very very affordable from Indian wear Price Range perspective if you ask me!


Do stop by the store and have a look at the Rohit Bal and the Festive Wear collection whenever you are in the mall. Trust me, you won't be disappointed and with the festive and wedding season approaching, you will want a couple of such pieces handy.