The Sophisticated Clown

Yes, you read it right. The sophisticated clown. That's what A thought I looked like when I stepped into his car that day. I was aware I looked different, I had tried to look different. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh change. You are not always sure if it's good or bad but you need to take risks to branch out of your comfort zone. I was particularly aiming for something new when I woke up that morning. I put in extra effort in my hair. And I personally feel, it turned out great. Who would have thought milkmaid braids could actually be pulled off on a trip to the mall. I didn't. But, I am happy I proved myself wrong.

The clown part is a reference to the pops of red against the almost monochrome outfit. It does look a little clownish, don't you think? But in a cool comfortable charming way. I like it.

I also opted out of wearing heels for the shoot. The whole point of this outfit was comfort, and let's face it, none of us has the guts or the feet to brave a whole day in the mall on our toes and pointy sticks, now do we? I once got a comment from a reader that wearing heels could have made the outfit look better, I agree. But, I am not going to abide by this insignificant rule anymore. I am not here to show you the perfect outfit, I am here to share my opinions and my style. Of course, heels can take the whole outfit to another level and I will do shoots with heels but mostly when I am actually wearing them.

{Pants/ Tube Top/ Loafers - Zara, Shirt - I know, Bag - Accessorize, Cuff - Stradivarius}