Soleil Tan De Chanel/ Bronze Universel Review

Everybody has their own guilty pleasure. Mine? Dark Chocolate and high-end makeup. 


This post has been long overdue. I clicked and uploaded the pictures months ago but never got around to finishing and publishing the post. I guess I am not your typical beauty blogger, huh? Yes, I admit I am not. I hate listing Pros and Cons, and then rating a product. I tried doing it couple of times but I can't, I just can't. Just keeping it real girls! 

But I do want to share my views on makeup products coz guess what! I am just as passionate about makeup as I am about fashion. They go hand in hand. To complete a look, you need makeup and hair to go with it. Without it, the look is lost. So, what do we do, now that I can't list pros and cons of every product?

Here's what we are gonna do, we are gonna talk straight to the point, no huss no fuss. Either I like the product or I don't. If I like, I tell you why in simple words and same even if I don't like the product. Agreed? Good.


Don't let the super fancy name fool ya. It's just a bronzer or as some people like to call it, a makeup base to look more tanned. But let's face it, looking tanner than you already are, nevvver gonna happen in India. 

Chanel is one of my absolute favourite brands for skin makeup. Their foundations and compacts are amazing. I needed a bronzer coz my old one broke and I decided to give this fancy "Soleil Tan De Chanel", formerly know as "Bronze Universel" a try. But honestly, would you really be willing to give a "try" to such an expensive product without being sure about it?? Well, I will not. So, I did my research and somewhat convinced, bought it. Now, go ahead and soak your eyes with the super luxurious packaging and the yummy looking whipped chocolate cream inside it before I start talking about it...


The first day I got it, I was confused. It looked like soft whipped cream but was harder than I had expected. Using fingers to apply it did not help, neither did the brushes. After many tries, I finally figured out the best way to use it which is a tapered blush brush like this one HERE. You just need to swirl the brush softly and it picks up a good amount of product and then you can go ahead and start contouring your face. It stays on whole day without getting patchy and works fine for all skin types. The color is lovely, not too muddy and not too orange. Lasts you a lifetime and totally worth the money. 


I have been using this bronzer to contour my face for over 6 months. I absolutely love this product. Contours beautifully and gives the most natural sunkissed look. The texture is very luxurious.

One negative thing about this product is that it comes in only one shade which is medium brown. So, this might not be the best option for the darker skintones. Nevertheless, go check it out in the stores, try it and see for yourself. If nothing else, enjoy your time at the Chanel counters! Have fun! 

Price: Don't hate me but I don't remember the exact price...I wanna say Rs.2500/-