Blue Jeans-White Shirt [WIFW Day 1]

{Blouse/Jeans/Shoes - Zara, Bag - Accessorize, Knuckle Ring - Forever 21, Chain Bracelet Ring - Aldo}

The age-old classic combination of blue jeans and white shirt absolutely never fails. Put on some red lipstick and you are golden. I chose to stick to this fail-proof combo for the Day 1 of the Fashion Week. Every time the fashion week arrives, it's the constant haunting of that one question in every girl's mind that drives them crazy "What to wear!?"...I had no time to obsess this time. The college is coming to an end and I am short of 5 garments that needs to be on the ramp in May.

Blogging does take it's toll on your studies. I need to manage blog posts, college, events, assignments, mails, all in that teeny-tiny day of 24 hours. Thankfully, I have my priorities sorted out and college always tops that list. I started this blog as a hobby and passion and that's what it's gonna be. It's something I enjoy doing, and I do it for myself and enjoying a hobby with your best friend makes it so much more fun. Anyways, let's get back to adhering to the topic.

This denim and white shirt combo will save your a** just as much as your LBD will. You can always experiment with the silhouettes and create something unique to your own personal style. I chose these pleated capri denims with zip details at the hem and paired it with a sophisticated blouse and finished off the look with some interesting jewellery and edgy shoes...and BaM! I have an outfit that reflects the eclectic style in me even though it's a classic combination.

A new thing that I have picked up on in recent months is that your hairdo can make or break the look. It's just as important as your makeup. But, you should try avoiding heat tools on your hair as much as you can. And in such dire conditions, an updo is your way to go. They are easy, fun and always makes you stand out of the crowd. Play with your hair, clip them, pin them, backcomb, make a pony or a bun, just have fun! Oh, that rhymed :P

Stay Fab!!