Viktor Frisk: "You choose how you want to see in the blog world!"

Viktor Frisk: "You can see the blogosphere from two angles!"

Despite his 17 years, Viktor Frisk had become a real giant in the blogosphere. And even though he has one of the largest blogs, he has the attitude that he does it because it's fun - not to be the biggest or the best, or try to achieve something.

But though he succeeded his great blog, he does not of itself as something special, or better than anyone else. And when asked how he thinks others see him, he replies that he is not sure. "You can see on the blogosphere from two angles," says Viktor. "You decide how you want to look at it," he continues. He believes that one can see beyond all fights and drama of getting to know bloggers on a personal level, and calls to try to see the positive and the good in the world of blogging.

In Viktor's family is not only he who is interested in the blogosphere - even his father has been a great help with the blog. Together, brainstorm often about what is right and wrong to write about, and the rest of the family think edet is really fun because he got so far.

In the blog, you will read a lot about style and clothing and why his own style varies from day to day, is that he choose clothes to suit your mood. Fashion-wise, Viktor longing for spring, and then it becomes leather jackets - old and new - very bright jeans, denim jackets and cool tishor becoming "must haves" in the closet.

With a great blog will also be a lot of fans in the process, which Victor think is nice. And are you ready to take a picture with him in town if you would catch sight of him - calm! He just thinks it's fun. "I'm always happy when someone comes up to talk, take a picture and hit me! It's not hard, it's just a proof that I am actually doing is appreciated. "

Victor sees a bright future, and soon he plans to start blogging about fitness and health as well, in that he took hold of the exercise again. Finally, Viktor provide two tips to their readers out there:

First Hold your head high and never let anyone try to cut you.
2nd Take one day at a time and see all the mistakes as lessons.