Blondinbella investing in lingerie that new job projects!

Now tell Isabella "Blondinbella" Löwengrip about his latest project, which is a bit different from the past! She has revealed his new plan on investing in a underklädesföretag available both online and stores. "Lingerie has always been a passion for me. And it really has nothing to do with guys. I like my body and want to dress it with nice things even if others do not see it. I'm always on the lookout for a new beautiful and comfortable bra with support (which is especially important when you have larger breasts), "she says.

Blondinbella talks about his trouble about when she would buy her first bra, "The first bra was yellow with how much padding whatsoever, it sat completely wrong and did just hurt the body," she reveals to then explain the idea behind his new investment: "Starts the error on first purchase, then all other purchases also become error because underwear shopping was anxious from the start"