Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart have reunited

Since Robert Pattinson has been downunder, filming The Rover in Australia, he and Kristen Stewart have been working through a trial separation. The two have not seen eachother, made no attempt to give eachother gifts on Valentine's Day.

Kristen, 22, does not even have any plans to go visit Rob, 26. While it seems like this relationship could be doomed, we've learned That the Twilight twosome will be made ​​to reunite soon!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Reuniting For Work
A source who Produced the Twilight Saga, That tells, as the March 2 release date for the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 DVD nears, the company wants the couple to be together beforehand. "They want bothering Rob & Kristen to be seen somewhere together right before the release of the DVD in March, And they think they will be Able to get that Achieved Whether They are rekindled or broken up."

Our insider adds That, for the two, it may Require a little forcing. "If They Are not a couple, Them being together will pray Their last acting gig together."