Mollie King was nearly arrested...

Bad girl! Mollie King was nearly arrested outside a nightclub in LA!

Mollie King (she was dating Prince Harry a while ago), has become a bit of a bad girl in the recent past. The 25-year-old singer was almost arrested outside a nightclub in Los Angles yesterday - because she used a falskleg! Music group was on hand to film their reality show Chasing The Saturdays, when the star Molly tried to get into a nightclub - with a falskleg.

But you may be wondering why she used a falskleg when in fact she is old enough to drink alcohol in the U.S.? "You have to have an ID card for almost everything in LA, and she did not have her with him, so she used others' during the evening. Personnel took her in the act outside the nightclub and gave her a warning, and warned her that they were going to call police, "said one of the band members after the incident.