Brendan Fraser Is Too Broke....

Brendan Fraser Is Too Broke to Pay Child Support

Brendan Fraser got divorced from ex-wife Afton Smith alllll the way back in 2007, giving her primary custody of Their three children Griffin, Holden and Leland who are now 10, 8 and 6 years old, respectively. When the original arrangement was made, syndication fees were still pouring in from The Mummy Returns' constant insertion show on TBS and life was good, so $ 900,000 per year in child support payments did not seem like they would break the bank. The only problem is, Brendan is saying They have broken the bank, after all, and he just can not afford to be giving Afton That kind of dough anymore.

The Mummy movies made him one of the world's highest-paid actors, but Brendan Fraser Suggests That he could not land a job afterward.
His ex-wife isn'ta buying it.

In Connecticut court last week, Fraser's ex, Afton Smith, 45, accused the 44-year-old star of "fraud" for making the claim while allegedly hiding $ 9 million in new contracts Film When They settled Their divorce in February 2009.

The allegation came after Fraser went to court to try to reduce the $ 900,000 in alimony and child support he annually pays his 45-year-old ex-wife, insisting he no longer earns enough to justify That Amount.

Court records and testimony reveal That, at the time of his split from the lesser-known actress, Fraser bizarrely Claimed That he expected to make $ 0 - that's zero dollars - from acting work in the future, despite an impressive résumé of high-grossing films claen the three "Mummy" flicks, "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "George of the Jungle."
He later Claimed he Said That Because he was not aware of any definite future deals at the time.
Fraser acknowledged he has since acted in Several movies - some of Which are awaiting release.

But he Cited a litany of medical issues That he says have put a "Considerable" crimp on his availability to earn big bucks futures.

Afton's lawyer Noted That, as of December, the actor had $ 24.7 million in assets.
Hearings in the legal sequel to Fraser's nine-year marriage to Afton - with Whom he has three young sons - are set to resume in Stamford Superior Court next week, with phrases still on the witness stand.