Moment of Fame! [Nitya Bajaj for JOFW]

I have been bombarding my Instagram with all these runway pictures and if you don't know already, us bloggers (Delhi based) walked the ramp as showstoppers for Nitya Bajaj! Crazy cool huh!? I still can't seem to come to terms with the fact that I was actually on the ramp and was not dying out of nervousness and fainting on the runway. In fact, it all went smoothly, and if I may dare to say, it was fun also! 

When Nitya called me asking me to be one of the showstoppers, I was flattered and more than happy to walk the runway. The fittings and rehearsals went well too, it was the time between the fittings and the actual show that I panicked. I was sure something or other will go wrong and I will ruin the show for Nitya. But the moment we all stepped out and crowd started cheering and the paparazzi started flashing, we were completely ourselves, no jittery legs, no nervous smiles, nothing. We were all genuinely ourselves, having fun on the ramp, having a lil tea party :D

The clothes were just cherries on top, so pretty that I wanted to take the whole collection home! My dress featured a red raw silk bodice with pearls all over it and a raw silk full midi skirt. I had never worn something like this before and was quite excited to try this new silhouette! It looked fab and the pictures speak for themselves!

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