Change is inevitable. Change is constant.

{T-shirt/Necklaces/Rings - Forever 21, Leggings/Blazer - Zara, Bag - Accessorize, Shoes - Aldo}

I have never been into sporty clothing, not because I don't like the style but I think it just doesn't suit me. I have tried pullovers but I always end up with a cardigan or a blazer. I have tried shoes but I again somehow end up buying bellies or heels. But life is about taking risks and trying something new, right? So, I began the year loaded with 5 pair of shoes including wedge sneakers, cutout oxfords and high-top sneakers. And I am determined to make them work and I think I am getting the hang of them pretty nicely. I love my cutout oxfords the most which I will show you guys very soon, probably in my next outfit post.

Shoes are undeniably the most comfortable footwear for long hours and my work demands me on my toes most of the time running around supervising and multi-tasking. I had to switch from my pretty bellies to something more comfortable but does comfort always means Crocs? My answer was a firm No. I was not going to give in and my patience bore sweet fruits in the form of pretty oxfords and sneakers. I rarely reach out for my bellies or strappy sandals anymore.

Now, my personal style has witnessed what I would like to call a revolutionary change. I have started fusing sporty looks with more chic edge. Quite frankly, it does take a little time to figure out what to pair with these shoes as I don't have a lot of clothing items to go with them but with time, I am learning how to incorporate them in my current style and be at ease. A fresh change and I am quite liking it!